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Thread: 2012 chevy cruze failed clutch 2 times now

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    Apr 2013
    There was a leak near the slave cylinder that caused damage to everything. My flywheel was warped clutch burnt and I had to have a new pressure plate as well. No one had the parts other than the factory either. It shouldn't have that much damage even if I drove like crazy and rode the clutch and feathered it whatever the case. I had 3 shops look at it and none of them could believe it.

    AAA did have record and when I offered to fax all that information to the district manager she said no need to she finaly talked to someone in the service department and I did have my car there but they never diagnosed it. Therefore I was out of luck.

    I have had 3 stick shifts and not one of them have ever gone out. At 90, 000 miles I had an 88 pontiac grand am start slipping a bit but there were other things wrong with it... it had been worn tough. My older brother learned to drive stick on it and was his first car. I learned to drive it as well.

    Also there has been no warning with the clutch burning either it is almost automatic the clutch pops out some and the gear shifter is really lose. Wondering if maybe it could be something else causing the damage to the clutch? Engine or something? Thanks.

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    Apr 2013
    It was the slave cylinder. I didn't use it as a foot rest and I never rested my hand on the gear shift while driving either. I'm not perfect but especially after the first clutch went out I was really careful with it the second go round

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    Feb 2013
    DesPlaines Il
    If the failure was caused by the slave, a part covered under the 3/36 base warranty, then the clutch would have become a resultant failure......ie, it failed as a result of a failure of a covered part.
    This would then have been a 100% covered under warranty repair.

    However, you chose to not allow the dealer to diagnose, (as in disassemble for diagnostics) for what appears to be your decision to not expose yourself to the potental higher costs.

    In so doing, as I said before, you took Chevy off the hook.
    All that being said, what has caused the failure this time or has the independent shop not looked yet?


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    Retired Moderator shawn672's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Rochester, NY - Charlotte, NC
    I'm totally with Robby here, sorry OP. Best advice thus far though

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    Mar 2012
    Goose Creek, SC
    Best you can do is go back to the mechanic. But since you only paid him to change out the clutch, he's likely off the hook for not changing out the slave. Just a bad mechanic for not catching that the slave was going bad as well.
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    Apr 2013
    The shop told me they did diagnose the car. They even gave me a price of $2,200.00 to fix it. They told the dm they did not. And the mechanic did change out the slave cylinder. He is the one who caught that was the issue.

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    Aug 2011
    Rochester, NY
    Have you contacted the Customer Service representative on here to take a second look at things?
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    Miami, Florida
    My heart sunk. $2200? You know i hate to say this, but this is a classic case of a dealer taking advantage of a misinformed person.

    Druann, please be wary of where you go. Besides the dealer, i only ever go to one other person for repairs, and it was an ex-employee of my dads when he had his mechanic shop open. Find a good repair shop, and get this fixed, but go to a reputable place. Even if lets say it wasn't a major place like Pepboys (yuck) or Midas, you did this outside of GM.

    But please let this be a lesson to you, when a dealer tells you it isn't covered, ask why and ask for it in written. Speak to GM District Manager and fax them over the sheets. If anything else happens to the car, by the way, DON'T TAKE IT TO THAT DEALER. Please... But do take it to a GM place, where warranty work can happen if something happens after..
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    Apr 2013
    Ya I have but for the past 2 days unable to reach her because their mailbox is full.

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    Feb 2011
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    So you sent this to a GM dealer for diagnosis, they told you the warranty wouldn't cover the repair, you took your car back, and now the dealer is claiming they never dealt with you at all? Something seems REALLY fishy... For them to properly diagnose a clutch failure would take some shop time, unless the car was dropped there and someone just sat in the car and tried unsuccessfully to get it moving under it's own power and dismissed it as a worn clutch disc. If a fluid leak from the slave was the culprit you would think that a quick peek under the car would reveal the bottom of the transmission wet with fluid, no?

    Even so, up to this point the story seems pretty reasonable. Dealer rushes the diagnosis and dismisses the problem simply as excessive clutch wear not covered under warranty while possibly overlooking the real cause.

    What doesn't make sense is the next part where the new clutch fails in 4k miles. The shop claimed a leaky slave put fluid on the clutch, ruining the pressure plate, clutch disc (wear from slipping) and flywheel. Aftermarket parts not being available the shop installs new GM parts so now the clutch is 100% brand new, 100% OEM parts, and in 4k miles it's dead again. Something points away from the clutch as the cause of the problem.

    Did you ever notice fluid in your garage/driveway suggesting a leak? Were there any odors ahead of the failure? Was the clutch fluid ever low?

    I'm thinking the input shaft seal on your transmission may be leaking. The only problem I have saying that is that any decent mechanic should be able to tell the difference between a clutch fluid leak and a transmission fluid leak... clutch fluid is actually brake fluid and is very thin and runny, transmission fluid is thicker oil. The chances of two new OEM slave cylinder failures that quickly are pretty slim, and the issue reeks of something unrelated to the clutch system being the cause.

    Robby, if this were to be the case do you have any advice on how to proceed? I would imagine the first step would be to talk to the GM district rep but I have no idea what the outcome would be since the car has been under the knife in a non GM facility. Could GM deny a warranty claim on the transmission if only the clutch was replaced? I'm not even sure what would be required to properly diagnose the cause and prove it to GM if my theory is correct... ?!?

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