Eco Cruze Fog Light Install--Warning: Lots of pics!!

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Thread: Eco Cruze Fog Light Install--Warning: Lots of pics!!

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    Thumbs up Eco Cruze Fog Light Install--Warning: Lots of pics!!

    Go back to COMG- The Cruze Owner's Maintenance Guide

    I wanted to properly document how I did the installation of fog lights on my Cruze. Please understand that this is NOT a "how to" thread, and if you decide to follow these steps you are doing so at your own risk. By that I mean you risk voiding your warranty, you risk your safety and that of your vehicle.

    The tools I used included at phillips head screw driver, a small flat head screw driver, a 10mm socket, rachet, extension, a T-20 torx, a small fork (you'll see), needle nose pliers,

    Anyways on to the pictures.

    This is what comes in the box from the dealer. I paid $200 for the kit. It comes with worthless instructions, the replacement insert panels, zip ties, new wiring harness, new switch and lights:

    The first thing I did was to remove the negative pole off the battery. I would not want to be zapped or damage any components.

    Next I undid the top fasteners for the front end. I know some folks have talked about doing it from the bottom, but I was ok with taking the nose off the car.

    Using a small flat head screw driver, I was very careful to pull on the tabs.
    Next I undid the 3 torx screws on either fender.

    Then it was on to the bottom of the car. This is where the fork came in handy as these tabs did not want to move easily and I did not want to damage them.

    Next I chose to deviate from the instructions and leave the flapper attached to the car. I saw no sense in taking the whole thing off.

    This next part was the most difficult as the nose of the car is clipped on the the fenders. It was not easy getting it out, but with patience and a lot of care this finally came loose.

    After unhooking all the wiring to the side lights, the temp sensor and to flapper motor (I wish I would had a helper for this); finally, the front end came off the car.
    Next it was time to take off the factory inserts. I used the phillips head screw driver to do the job.

    After removing the inserts from the factory, I inserted the ones from the kit, and screwed them in with the screws that were on the car.

    I then next installed the fog light assembly that came in the kit after removing all protective coverings. I used the screws that came in the kit with the fog lights. There was no drilling necessary.

    The last thing was to remove the temp sensor from the old panels and move it to the new ones. I was extremely careful as the tabs are very fragile!

    This is how the nose of the car looked after having all the bits installed.

    I then moved on to do the electrical connections by accessing this box on the driver's side of the car.

    I was very careful on only loosen up these 3 bolts with the 10mm socket and rachet.

    Once the screws were loose, I used a small, long flat head screw driver to pry the panel off the harness holder.

    Once the panel was off, I focused on the harness at hand.

    I removed the harness, flipped it over and after reading the worthless instructions, I inserted the wire where it belonged. I did this by using a pair of needle nose pliers to guide it in, then finished with a very small flat head screw driver to push it all the way in.

    I knew the wire was all the way in by seeing that there was not metal exposed on the connector.

    Next I routed the harness around the radiator and under headlights to get the wires where they needed to be. I also secured the ground wire to the nut on the front of the vehicle. I used the zip ties provided in the kit to make it all nice and neat.

    Here's the pax side of the car all done.

    Here's the driver's side all done and ready for the front clip.

    I then installed the front clip in the reverse of the removal, playing close attention not to scratch anything. I then moved on to the fog light switch in the cabin.
    The instructions told me to remove all these panels etc. But he only thing I had to do was to remove the fuse panel cover and gently push from behind.

    It came right out. I had to be careful to push back the red tab in order to remove the connector. There are different color tabs in all the connectors, I just had to remember to push them back before trying to remove the connectors.

    And finally got the new switch in.

    Here's is a couple of pictures of the finished product. As you can see, the car has also had it's windows tinted. The whole job took me about 2 hours by myself (including the time to stop to take all these pictures). Had I had a second hand, it could have been done in less than an hour.

    I think it gives the car a much better look. Anyways, hope you all enjoyed.
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    2011 Cruze Eco 6-M

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    FI Lunatic gman19's Avatar
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    Awesome post....
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    Lethbridge Alberta

    I am loving this forum...anyone who takes the time to provide info for others should be commended...Thank you from all of us ECO owners!!

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    Hear, hear!
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    Thanks... Really thinking I'm going to get this done.
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    Learning about my Cruze
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    Fleetwood, PA
    Excellent post, and I like how you provided a disclaimer in addition to being
    very detailed I would never attempt to do that myself.
    That being said how much, approx of course, wold it cost having the dealership do it?
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    silvercruze - you are a brave man, a skilled DIY technician, and a thoughtful documentarian! I purchased the GM fog light kit separately ~$205.00 via e-bay but knew I wouldn't have the time, skill, etc. to do what you did. BRAVO to you!

    I checked out approx. 10 chevy dealers for pricing on installing the fog kit and got different prices at every dealer - no surprise there - prices ranging from $91.00 all the way to $180+

    I decided to stick w/my neighborhood dealer where I purchased my Cruze from and had it done for $104.00 (no tax since I provided the parts) and got it done in just under 3 hours.

    Thanks for the great post, I'm sure many will appreciate and benefit from it.
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    nice pics and installation tips!
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    As the others have said....EXCELLENT write-up silvercruze! I was one of those guys thinking of installing mine from the bottom but after seeing your pics and instructions I will definately be removing my clip before the install.
    MODS......would you want to consider adding a DIY forum for items like this? If not, it would be a great idea to add this write-up as a sticky.
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    Retired Moderator Skilz10179's Avatar
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    Mar 2011

    Great write up, I'm sure this will help lots of people.

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