Low Battery Voltage-2011 Cruze Won't Start

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Thread: Low Battery Voltage-2011 Cruze Won't Start

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    Low Battery Voltage-2011 Cruze Won't Start

    Good morning.

    So car wouldn't start up for wife this AM. Received several DIC messages: Battery Saver | Check theft-deterrent | Check Stabila-Trak and more.

    Saw a bit of corrosion around negative battery post, but even after cleaning it off, still not enough juice to start, and same DIC messages. Battery/Voltage Info on the DIC is showing under 9V (8.6/8.7 varying).


    We are most likely out of battery warranty, as we have 50K miles on the Cruze. Should we just replace the battery OR have it towed into the dealership for diagnostics/new battery. Not being cheap, but if I can just replace the battery, no big deal and would rather do that than tow and repair bill. However, I am concerned if there is an electrical problem that caused the batteries death.

    Is 50K 3 years 'normal' life on a Cruze battery?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Replace the battery with something better. I would recommend something along the lines of Interstate, DieHard Gold, or Kirkland. Do not even bother getting one from Autozone - the Duralast batteries are terrible. It is a group 47 size.

    I got a solid year and a half out of my AC Delco battery. They've been known for short lifespans in the Cruze.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradleygt89 View Post
    Is 50K 3 years 'normal' life on a Cruze battery?

    Thanks in advance!

    3 years is good lifetime for any battery, it all depends on how many short trips and how hot it gets where you live. I replaced mine with a diehard gold AGM group 47 battery last fall at the first signs of it being weak. I did not want to be stranded in the winter & the middle of the night somewhere with my car failing to start.
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    Old type batteries where you had to check the fluid levels used to give a warning, but these maintenance free modern batteries have a habit of working perfectly on one start and being dead on the next. When you have a new battery fitted the fitter should check that your electrics are ok after battery is fitted.

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    Thanks everyone. Replaced the battery (hate to admit it, but went with a Wally-World EverStart Maxxxxxxxxxx; $110 w/tax and core refund, 3 year warranty. Down here in FL, not worried to much about cold starts), and that seems to have done the trick.

    Changing out the battery wasn't to hard. As someone mentioned in another thread, just need a 10MM socket, take off Negative first, and the clamp, then the +. Darn cheap plastic snaps broke on a couple of the covers, but they still secured nicely enough when put them back on after replacing the battery.

    Took car out for a quick spin, and DIC showed it holding steady at 14.7 volts, so I'd assume it wasn't an electrical issue, just a worn out original battery.

    Thanks again. Saved me a trip/tow to the dealer

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    14.7 is charging that new battery to full... Once its full, you'll start seeing 13.6 all the way to 12.4...
    My battery failed only after a year... another AC delco was put in, with higher CCA, and it did that. Weired to see, but thats how it worked.

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    Yep, the OEM batteries in a lot of cars aren't known for lasting that long. Our Fit got 2 years out of the OEM battery before it kicked the bucket, just like every other Fit out there. My Cruze's battery is okay so far at 2.5 years old/82k miles. I'll keep an eye on it starting around the 3 year mark.
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