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    Hello, I have a 2012 Cruze 2LT. The screen on my front console says stabilitrack is off and operating at reduce engine power. I've had this issue before and thought to have it fix, but now my engine just turns on and the RPMs does not move at all. I've seen a lot of similar issues on this site with the I have to probably get my car towed to a dealership but I was wondering if there is a recall on this issue or no?

    My VIN # is 1G1PG5SC3C7370233 .

    Thank you,
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    hello! i have a 2012 cruze ls. the transmission is jerking all the time, is hesitant when shifting, doesn't hold the gear. i like the car, but i dont like how it drives. it's somewhat better in manual, but still... question: i know this has been a long standing issue with these cars. has gm done anything about it? how are the 2015 cruze ls from this point of view?
    this being a long standing complaint and gm stating they own the software, how about releasing updates? like microsoft. i would very much like to keep my car, provided the software is updated and the drive improves, but i'm not willing to pay for both software and flashing. so, let me know what is gm doing about it.
    by the way, here's my vin: 1G1PC5SH2C7285424.
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    The coolant return hose on top of the engine, going into the coolant reservoir tank leaked. I had it replaced to the tune of $171.00. Is it covered or not? Too many contradicting comments on this forum.
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    contacted the Lunghamer GMC dealership this morning and they stated that the thermostat and or water outlet is not covered but they couldn't explain why. I told them that I had received a message from you that it was covered and I was going to bring in the document to them. They told me there was a special reason it wasn't covered. I need to pick up the car but I don't want to pay for something that is covered by warranty. Can you send them something or me something to verify it should be covered. I'm kind of stuck at this point. Waiting to hear what to do before I pickup car.
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    It seems like I've read a lot of reviews and posts about people having clutch issues in the ecos. More recently, my clutch pedal seems to be biting higher up than normal, making me worried that the clutch is going to go out soon. The car only has 43k miles on it. The clutch shouldn't be going out so soon. Is this something that GM has recognized as an issue and put out a fix for that would be covered under warranty? Ever since I got the car a year ago, sometimes it's hard to shift into gear (usually 2nd when the engine is cold and I'm slowing down to go over a bump). Also, most of the time when I shift, I hear the gears shifting. I know that loud shifts is usually a sign of a bad clutch. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks
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    May need help with My 2012 Cruze 1.4. Had a noise issue in the front end since purchased in 10/2012. Every time I brought it in the dealer said it was a normal sound. About 3 months ago at 96000 miles it became louder. Took it in again and dealer said the cover over the plugs had become loose and thats what the noise was. Now I have 105000 miles and the whole front left is making terrible noise especially when idling and clutch is out. I cant say I have much confidence in the dealers service center. I guess my real question is since I have had the vehicle in several times for this issue, and now it is over 100000 miles is this no longer a covered issue? Please advise.
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    Greetings. Need help or advice. Cruze 1.7 TD LT 2013 mileage 14500 km. Every morning when starting the engine automatically turns on " Rear Defrost "(heating side mirrors and rear window glass). It is impossible to turn it off manually. After 10 minutes it turned off itself. In Mylink settings the option "Rear Defrost" is set up to "Off". Ambient temperature is 25-30 C - we have summer. The salon and top of the car is dry, not wet. Numerous diagnostics at the local dealer found nothing. But the heating is turned on every day. Is this normal or is it a defect? Thanks.
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    Please check your inbox. I PM'd you.

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    Hello. I took my car to my local GM dealership to have cruise control activated after I installed the necessary clockspring and steering wheel. They are not confident they will be able to: 1) Obtain authorization from the Techline to update the Master File for the VIN to reflect the newly installed parts, since I didn't purchase the "Cruise Control Kit" their parts department sells and 2) Update my software to add/enable the cruise function. Can you offer any assistance? VIN: 1G1PD5SH8C7390644
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