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    The dealer claims that I wore out the clutch on my Chevy Cruze after 10,000 miles (16,000 KMs) and therefore it is not under warranty. I drove a standard shift for decades and I don't ride the clutch. How is this possible? Welcome any suggestions for recourse. It cost $1800 to fix.
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    VIN 6G1PE5E82BL565438 Holden Cruze 50miles

    Hi there, I thought you would be interested in some feedback from how Holden (GM) in Australia have been with my issue.(s)
    I need to replace my waterpump as it developed a tiny leak about a week ago, i called the dealership( Bartons Holden in Brisbane) two weeks out of warranty!!

    I had taken out a 5 year extended warranty but this is not covered due to i did not have the vehicle continually serviced there ( 60 miles away, no courtesy vehicle, lost wages etc.) - so waste of time!, so I called Holden (GM) here in Australia said the waterpump maybe "partially covered" in a goodwill claim, where I still have to pay parts or labour!..2 weeks out of warranty!

    Apart from the indicators flashing fast
    two recalls,
    towbar fitted a year ago is rusting and is rusted on!
    rubber strips on the roof cracking
    infotainment centre not always turning on
    poor fittings of interior plastic mouldings.
    fading of black on side mirrors, its all good!
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    Please see my post dated 7/30/14, in response to your question regarding my issues.

    Thank you.
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    I bought my 2013 cruze LT RS almost a year ago with 11 miles on it. 2-3 days after i bought it i noticed there was a squeaking noise when i turned on the AC i called the dealership and explained the problem and told them it sounded like a belt, They replaced the water pump first and it did not fix the issue so i brought it BACK into the same dealership and they replaced the AC compressor (kit) and it still is making the squeak noise but now its when i turn the AC, heat & when my car is in park and when i shift it to drive it stops. I contacted the dealership in regards to my issues along with the recalls on my car for the axle and the air bag and was told they will look at the axle to see if it's faulty and if it is THEN they will order the part and then i'll have to bring it in for repair. There is so much wrong with my car for having 15,000 miles on it and not owning it for a year.
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    Patsy. CREWZIN here with my VIN to see if you can come up with anything about the airbag "almost" recall. Thanks.

    VIN: 1G1PG5SB4E7224367
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    Kristen, I am wondering if you received my last message...please let me know so I know what to do with my vacation plans...I stand to lose a lot of money if I don't go.
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    So I took my 2012 cruze, 23k mi, in for scheduled maintenance today and on the way was noticing problems with the clutch. The service department is waiting on an estimate but they are saying that if the clutch is worn out I will have to pay for a new one and that they will only fix it if it is from "mechanical problems"

    This is a 3 year lease and I have 12 months left so the idea of paying potentially $2,500 towards a car I will only have for another year doesn't really make sense.

    What would be my best course of action, who actually owns the car i leased? I contacted GM financial and they said I have to deal with the dealership......

    i've read of other people having clutch problems and i'm not sure what to do.

    can i work a deal with the dealership to buy out my remaining lease?

    thanks for any advice
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    Hello Chevy Customer Care, tdc here, (upstate NY),
    Recently purchased a used (new to me) Chevy Cruze (2012, LS model, Auto Trans, 10,640 miles. Currently 13,800 miles). I recently noticed a transmission oil leak and have taken it to the dealer. They put a dye in the transmission fluid to better identify leak's location. Returning there next week, (God willing). They said they would fix the leak. I'm hoping for a good resolution, as I really need this car to last me a good long while. I believe this car was sold to me with this condition pre-existing. The evidence is the oil/dirt on the bottom of the transmission and a streak going back from the transmission onto the post engine cross-frame member. (As the wind would blow the oil back while driving.

    Letting you know of the problem. Hoping for a successful and lasting resolution.
    Thank you.
    tonyd. (Upstate NY).
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    1G1PJ5SC4C7210816. 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco 1.4L Turbo, Auto. Mileage: 35585. Got 'Check Engine Light' accelerating on-ramp to 72mph onto highway. Connected to OnStar. Code P0299. Brought immediately to Talty Chevrolet, Morris, Illnois. Turbocharger needs replacement they said. Won't be able to take it in until next Tuesday. This is the 7th time car in for service issues. GM warranty list has two or three omissions. I want this handled by management if possible, or at least with Chevrolet/GM backing me up. It's getting frustrating. Last time I had this many recalls/service issues on a car was my 1990 Ford Probe GT, a horrible car. I want to give GM another chance. We'll see if you're serious about good customer service. Thank you in advance for anything you can do. ---Jeff Bazell, Dwight, IL 815 374 5029.
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    Does MyLink update via OnStar? The dealership said that OnStar updates MyLink automatically and that I should have it now. Is that new? My last one was performed by the dealership. Has there been any updates recently for MyLink?

    Normally I'd accept what the service advisor said, but honestly, I don't trust this dealership anymore. They misdiagnosed a water pump seal issue, and when I complained about having to leave the defogger on wet days, they said it was normal for the Cruze on wet days, which hurts my fuel economy.

    Also, I'm noticing kind of an odd smell sometimes from the vent system when I'm sitting idling. It's not a burning oil smell like in my old Cadillac, but it's definitely not pleasant, to the point where I turn off the fan when I'm sitting in the car at a light or parked on the side of a street. I'd like to have the dealership look at it, but if it's anything like any other problem, I'll sit for 3-5 hours and be told that it's normal.


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