Defective Chevy Cruze 1.4 Turbo

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Thread: Defective Chevy Cruze 1.4 Turbo

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    Defective Chevy Cruze 1.4 Turbo

    I have a 2012 Cruze LT 1.4 Turbo with the RS package. Car was great up to about 2,200 miles where it just started getting slower in performance and poor acceleration in full throttle or part throttle. Almost got hit by an 18 wheeler twice since the car would not accelerate. The rpm's rev'd up but the car went no faster. Many possibilities I have been looking at and the dealer has been no help 4 times. Now about to go to another dealer. Its possible the transmission is slipping or not communicating properly with the engine. Other thoughts are that its the turbo charger or waste gate actuator. It almost feels as if it just dumps out all the boost. I am going to have to do my own diagnostics and T-tap a boost gauge to see if it still makes boost when accelerating in part throttle or full throttle. The traction control light did come on once for a few seconds while on the highway so obviously the tires were not slipping. I am going to have to get to the bottom of this myself because I dont expect any positive help from the dealer or GM. But I will be logging all of my time and someone is going to pay for the bill. I did not buy a brand new car to get jerked around. I even let the dealer know that I have a lot of experience with turbo charged vehicles and I use to diagnose some turbo car problems for Porsche but I guess they feel they are smarter then I am or that my detailed explanation of the problem is a fabrication. I even took photos of the gauge cluster mpg readings on a recent road trip to FL and the car was getting about 27mpg hwy at 61 to 65 mph and before I started having the problem I was getting 32 to 35 at same or higher speeds and there was no acceleration or hesitation problems. And it was in 85 to 95 degree temperatures. The car performed worse in cooler temperatures which is not suppose to happen in a turbo charged car. Turbos like cooler air and vehicles are suppose to perform better with the cooler temps. So there is something wrong with one or multiple mechanical parts or sensors. This is my first time giving a GM product a try and trying to support the U.S. economy but I am very disappointed. And having GM Customer care from the Phillipeans contact me does not sit well with me either. I hope some of us can get our notes together and find out whats going on with these cars. And I just remembered one day when I accelerated and then let off the gas and the rpms hung for about 3 or 4 seconds before they dropped down. Sounds like slipping tranny issue which is explaining a lot of the other driveability issues. After hearing that so many others are having the same problems I dont think I even want a replacement car. GM can refund me and I will take my business elsewhere. I hope they do the right thing to make me happy otherwise I will be gathering up all the rest of you with the same problems and we will let GM know that we dont have the time or safety concerns to waste in a matter like this. Maybe need to contact NTSB to launch an investigation???
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    Four failed repairs is a Lemon Law candidate in my state. Where is the Chevy Social Media Representative when you really need one? I would have been to a second dealer's service department after two failed attempts by the first one. It certainly doesn't cost anything but your time to file with NHTSA.
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    I went out to find myself. If I return before I get back, have me wait for me.
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    You should note that these problems aren't the norm. They are factory flukes or lemons, which is why you are protected by a lemon law. There would be a massive influx of users into this forum if these problems were rampant on every cruze made. It should also be worth noting that most people wouldn't join a forum like this if they have no problems. Instead, you will find a few people joining the forum to vent problems and see if anyone else has had such a thing happen to them. Considering the number of Cruzes sold, I'd say the problems reported here are mild.

    I would advise taking the car to another dealer and determining the lemon law regulations for your state.

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    You most likely have to mail gm a letter stating you are giving them one final attempt to repair the car or it will fall under the lemon law. Check your states website for details.

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    Southwest OH
    Assuming it is a 6-speed auto, you have checked the fluid level while warm, no leaks, you are not driving in manual mode and bouncing off a soft or hard rev limiter (do not know if they have them), have experimented in manual mode to see if it duplicates, watched tach to compare how fast and what rpm you top out at before it auto shifts or power goes away, then my guess would be it is either disengaging or there is a torque converter problem. Does the rpm's climb like it did before the problems, just no power?
    Watching a boost gauge would be helpful in diagnosing too. A friend's 1987 Buick Regal T type turbo limited was always popping off the tube from the turbo to the intake manifold, causing problems.
    A half-shaft not seated properly might also cause some of this, but there would probably be leaks and a massive failure soon.

    I am making assumptions that with four visits to the dealer they applied all firmware updates and you are not throwing any codes.
    Also are you using premium top tier gas with at least 91 octane to see if you are not possibly pinging so bad that timing has been curved? Maybe a bad tank of gas?
    **Every time traction control comes on it reduces power or applies front brakes, depending on system, until you regain traction. Electronic stability control usually also will apply brakes at various wheels, but not sure which exact system that the Chevrolet Cruze uses. The ability to turn off traction control and or electronic stability control temporarily until you hit a specified speed (usually 35) or until next start-up is a real plus on certain cars. Comes in real handy when pulling out at intersections, instead of losing all power when traffic is coming or waiting.
    Check to see if tires are not overinflated. This will cause the wheels to break lose prematurely and trigger traction control.
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    But have you contacted GM/Chevrolet Customer Service directly? GM is serious about improving their customer service experience and you should really give them a try. They can work with dealers to get your car properly checked out. I would take it to a different dealer, unfortunately, not all dealers have the same standards for service. Once again, I really think you should give Chevrolet Customer Service a try before you start digging into things yourself. That may actually void your warranty.

    Customer Assistance - 1.800-222-1020 8am - 9pm EST Monday to Saturday

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    So. CT

    Sorry to hear about your problems. I have a few issues with my car too, but it's a lease and as long as it keeps running, I'll stay away from the dealer except for oil changes and tire rotations which are far and few between with the amount of miles I put on the car. My car will be a year old on 2/14 and I only have 6,200 miles.

    Some advice from one who had MAJOR issues with my 1999 "MOTOR TREND CAR of the YEAR", Chrysler 300M. First off, document EVERYTHING! Every time the car goes in to the dealer, make sure they write on the slip what you are complaining about AND make sure you get a copy of the slip when you pick up the car. Keep notes on when you call them and what they say and who you spoke to. Also, FORGET "customer service"! They are TOTALLY useless for major problems. Besides, they are outsourced to different companies. I know that Buick "customer service" is handled by IBM! Secondly, maybe to follow protocol, tell the dealer that you want the factory rep from the Chevy zone office to come in and check the car and speak to him. I found with my Chrysler that they were totally USELESS yuppies who sided with the dealer! After all, who wines and dines them when they come down to the dealer?

    There was no way that I could have filed for Lemon Law because the problems were too varied. There wasn't ONE problem that I could file for. One of the major problems was the tires. They were defective and the car pulled to the left INSTANTLY on the highway no matter what lane I was in. I let 3 different dealers try to fix the problem for 10 1/2 months. They had more excuses than Lady Gaga has outfits! I finally decided to call the tire company directly. They had me take the car to their factory dealer and found that the tires were defective. They replaced all four free of charge. NO PROBLEM! The car was as straight as an arrow after that! The tires were not warranteed by Chrysler. The dealers did EVERYTHING from rotating tires, balancing and aligning the car, replacing the rack and pinion steering etc. NOT one of them EVER said anything about the tires possibly being defective. I never said anything because I didn't want them to think that I was being a wise guy. When my patience was gone, then I took action. As for all the other problems that the dealer was not willing to address, I called Chrysler Corporate in Auburn Hills DIRECTLY. THAT'S when I got action! They could NOT believe what I was telling them about the dealer and the factory reps! I told them that if I stayed up all night I could not come up with stories like I was telling them. One factory rep got fired because he would NOT help me despite what corporate told him to do!

    SO, my advice to you is to call GM Corporate in Detroit- 313-556-5000 is their number I believe. If you want to go the Lemon Law route, then check here for your state.

    Lemon Law Statutes and Guides - State Lemon Laws

    Whatever you do, good luck and keep us posted as to what happens. ONE other thing that you have at your disposal nowadays that I did NOT have back in 1999 is FACEBOOK! You can post your problems there and get INSTANT recognition from people all over the world including GM! You could threaten GM with that if they remain unwilling to help you!

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    Jan 2012
    Oh wow, glad you posted this, I am having the SAME TROUBLE!!! The thing doesn't move like it used to, if I kick it to pass, the thing revs and does nothing hardly at all. Scary to drive on freeway, I have to take mine in now. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fine until about 2,000 miles too. I'm disappointed all around with Cruze. Too many issues! let us know what you find out.

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    What happened to Good old Stacy the GM Customer Service rep that was on this forum? If she was real, she certainly would be interested in this!!!!!
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    Jan 2012
    Southwest OH
    Any updates? Is it a problem with the turbo, boost, wastegate, etc. or a transmission problem or other?
    here are a couple sites for diagnosing turbos:

    Common Turbo Problems neat chart to help diagnose.

    Turbocharger Diagnosis & Repair site has lots of info for diagnosing many things.

    They say to idle a turbo charged car for a minute or two before shutting off to prevent or at least delay problems.

    Also, does anybody know if there are specific instructions on oil changes of this turbo engine to make sure that turbo is filled with clean oil and everything is primed without air pockets? Or is it just coolant cooled?

    Think I just answered my own question. Yeah!
    way to go Aarcuda!

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