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June 2012

Welcome to the June 2012 edition of the newsletter.

For this months newsletter we put together a couple DIY's plus several threads that should help you out with your car. Be sure to read the spark plug gap thread as its been a common issue on almost all the Cruze's that has been checked so far. We hope you enjoy this months newsletter and see you soon on the forum. staff

Engine Diagram?

This is a weird question, but does anybody have a photo or diagram of the 1.4L engine with identifying labels? I'm not planning on doing anything to it, I just want to know what everything is under my hood.


2013 Cruze order guide is online

Model Information - Online Ordering Guide (®ionID=1&divisionID=3&vehicleID=12722&type=0)

Some interesting changes, and I am jealous of the auto-dimming rearview mirror on the ECO!! No mention of the diesel yet.

MPG Suffering since re-gap!

Not sure why this is happening but it seems I'm getting 2 - 4 mpg LESS now that the dealer reset the plugs from .30 to .35. Driving style and route has not changed yet I've seen this in the last few tanks. Anybody else see this?

intercooler comparison: zzp vs hep

just a thought guys, which intercooler do you think is better? zzp or hep?
i think they both have their pros and cons. for example hep gets you polished pipes but zzp looks like a thicker core which should make for better cooling. but hep seems to have a better flowing design with the airflow entry to the tanks being straight rather than an elbow, but zzp is cheaper.

Are Your Spark Plugs Gapped Incorrectly?

I'm creating this thread to increase exposure of what appears to be a very common issue (affecting 100% of Cruzes so far). This stemmed from the following thread:

My original experiment was to increase spark plug gap over what they are gapped from the factory and test for measurable gains in fuel economy.

LED Mercedes style tail lights

I searched all over the web for info on these things, finally just pulled the plug.

1. its the wifes car, she wanted them. and yes I think they look great.
2. I don't care what a seller tells you, these lights are not plug and play. yes the pix on line show a plug attached, and yes it comes that way, and _*NO*_ the plugs do not fit american cruze.

Magnaflow Dual Exhaust DIY (RS Model)PICS!!!

Hello everyone,
I am still fairly new here, and would like to add a DIY post. This is a DIY for the installation of a Magnaflow dual exhaust system on a 2012 Cruze LT RS. I will also provide opinions based on my experience installing this kit with very primitive tools, in my driveway.

***Official Lowered Cruze Photo Thread***

Please only post the following in this thread... Mod's please remove other posts!

Any before and after pictures is greatly appreciated as well.

1. Model Year (2011...2012...)
2. Engine (1.4T or 1.8)
3. Trim Level (ECO, LT, LTZ)
4. Suspension Type (spring / coilover)
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