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I bought my 2014 Diesel in February of 2018 with 47k on it. As it sits today (10/8/18) it has 72k on it.
A few weeks after I bought it, I took it back because of a click coming from the front left corner on downshifts, or when stepping off the throttle, or when I put the car in park and it lurched forward. It's always there. Cold or warm, rain or shine, it clicks. The dealer shrugged it off, and said it was fine so I just lived with it and the awkward transmission behavior I haven't gone back there since. Well, over the course of the last few weeks the ride quality has worsened, and despite 4 brand new Michelins, two four wheel alignments and having the tires balanced twice (most recently on Friday) it's still jittery on the road and it still makes a very concerning noise. I did tighten the driver's side axle nut once and it went away for about two hours and it's been back ever since. I went out with a friend this weekend and when I was backing out of her driveway, I put the car in drive and it SLAMMED into gear, insanely hard. I went and let it cool for a few hours and the ride home was perfectly fine. It did it twice more that day and hasn't since. However on the drive to work, I noticed that tinny little click becoming much more prevalent. It also sits at just about 2k RPM when it's running at 55-70mph. I have an appointment with my dealership tomorrow for their transmission tech to go for a ride with me.

If I don't get this fixed, I'm trading it in. So community, any thoughts?
Any update on this?

My advice is to get a second opinion. I recently had $1,000 in free power train warranty work done (two front axles) at a second dealer after the first one said I had to pay almost $500 to fix a wheel bearing that they even admit wasn't showing as bad on the dial, but a "good place to start".

I had another issue where I paid $500 to the dealer to fix something that didn't even resolve the problem. They ended up finding out it was a warranty issue on another part related to that system, but I had already paid the money for the first part at this point.

People need to know that when dealers give you a quote they are sometimes just throwing parts at it. I learned to ask them "do you guarantee this will fix it"? That's what saved me from the wheel bearing issue.