Scotty kilmer says cruze one of top worst cars ever made
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Thread: Scotty kilmer says cruze one of top worst cars ever made

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    Scotty kilmer says cruze one of top worst cars ever made

    Scotty Kilmer of you tube fame , says most will never make it to 100,000 without major component failure , what do you think ? Says one of the worst ever made.

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    Take a look around the site on a desktop browser and you'll see our answer. We created a badge system starting at 100,000 miles and going up from there - many of us have these badges.
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    Handbrake Released Thebigzeus's Avatar
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    I personally think he's a tool and IIRC he's paid by Ford I believe it was.
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    4th Gear
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    Will most Gen1 Cruzes make it to 100k miles without something "major" like a water pump, camshaft cover or intake manifold?.....No probably not. Doesn't make it a notoriously "bad" car though.

    Scotty Kilmer is a tool. He's a sensationalist douchebag of the highest order who is so out of touch with current tech that his videos are cringe worthy and difficult to watch. I only check out ones referred to me by people who are confused by the **** he spews and the proper procedures I try to get people to espouse.

    Here's a particular post of mine where I also mention how I feel about his videos and breakdown some of the crap he's spewing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ma v e n View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by neonguy528 View Post
    Scotty Kilmer on YouTube is a 40+ year mechanic. Here's what he says about auto stop:
    Scotty Kilmer.....LMFAO

    Scotty is an animated, antiquated, hippy, who makes disjointed, sensationalizing, seizure inducing videos pandering to the ADHD, social media addicted, instant gratification crowd with lots of hand motion, expressive body language, click bait, buzz word, sound byte videos. On his good days he tends to be only about 1/4 inaccurate, sometimes he's just wildy off in the fcuking weeds.
    GMs autostop vehicles are designed to be that way.

    Most Toyota Prius have 200volt batteries, not 500.

    I don't know of any US hybrid or EV that uses a 500v battery.

    Prius didn't get Li-Ion until about 2016 IIRC, Toyota was a big proponent of NiMH

    Most GM autostop vehicles use a "hybrid" SLI/deep cycle AGM battery

    They ARE putting more expensive batteries in.

    The 1.4 doesn't use a tiny starter. It uses a starter specifically designed for its intended use. The LE2 has a bigger starter than the 6.6 Duramax

    I've worked on stopstart systems as long as Scotty has. Probably more of them since I don't work semiretired as a YouTube personality out of my home garage. I've yet to see an engine with a mechanical failure I'd attribute to excessive wear from more start events than a standard engine.

    The 2018 and newer 1.4 will autostop between 14F-100F+

    YES, it will turn the engine on sooner based on AC (or heat) demands in the cabin.

    They don't use the alternator like what he has in his hands, they use a starter/generator. GM has done that since the Saturn GreenLines back in about 2006. This use a HUGE electromotive device compared to a typical "alternator"

    BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet don't use electric water pumps so the engine doesn't overheat when turned off....They use them to save fuel due to reduced parasitic mechanical loads, and to more quickly heat up the engine and cabin heater for emissions and comfort purposes.

    There's not "a lot of technology to break"
    On a 2018 Cruze, the only additional parts that could break compared to 2015 Cruze related to the autostop system are the additional circuit and hardware related to having independent control of the starter pinion position and starter motor. Meaning an extra relay, fuse, and extra single wire circuit to the starter solenoid.

    They don't all have a button to disable it.

    "Let me tell you, I'm a mechanic and when they break, I have to fix them"...They are no more difficult to fix than a standard car, they don't require significantly more time to diagnose on average, don't require any additional specialized tools, and the difference in cost in hardware is marginal to the end user. A 2018 1.4 starter is about $15 more than a 2015 1.8 starter. So if he's charging more....

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    I think all of 100K+ Cruzers, especially 1st Gen, need to go comment on his BS video, and post a mileage/km photo.
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    Off-Road Champion Rivergoer's Avatar
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    100K is just getting broke in.. @CruzeEcoBlueTopaz achieved a 400,000 mile badge, quite awhile ago too.

    See Post #172:

    @diesel put 200K on his ‘14 diesel Cruze in 3 years.

    Documented here:
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    Thank you Veterans!

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    He claims the weak point is the transmission and cites ONE customer that's gone though several. I think that one guy went though more transmissions than the entire forum - three automatic transmissions in 70K miles.
    '13 LTZ

    Prior rides:
    '89 Corsica LT Hatchback 2.8L/Auto
    '67 Chevy II, 250 ci/auto

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    So because he worked on one Cruze that had multiple transmission issues at 70k miles means ALL of the Cruzes are junk. Got it. Furthermore, is there really a manufacturer out there producing a single line of cars where every one produced made it through 100k miles with only fluid/filter changes and withOUT a single repair? I find that impossible. And lastly, in one of his videos he suggests a cheap and quick fix to a broken brake line is to simply use a compression fitting and then holds up the package the fitting came in to show his viewers, but on that package states in bold print "DO NOT USE ON BRAKE LINES".

    Lol, yeah like everyone is saying....what a tool
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    I don't consider an intake manifold, or valve cover gasket to be major. Do regular maintenance as you should and the car will last a long time. A water pump isn't major either, plus GM extended that warranty to 10yr/150k miles. All that being said, I guess for someone that is not mechanically inclined, and has to pay someone for every little thing, any car is a piece of junk. I bought my daughter a new 2013 LTZ/RS, it now has 113k miles on it. No major issues.

    No tranny issues, I've drained and filled it 4 times now, no big deal. One valve cover gasket, one set of plugs, one coil pack, 2 sets of cam actuator seals, drive belt, belt tensioner, turbo oil feed line, and a battery. The battery being the most expensive. A couple of the items I listed were not really needed, just preventative maintenance, drive belt, turbo oil feed line, etc. Still on original water pump, intake manifold, and valve cover. These are the items that most seem to have to replace. This is truly all I've done to this car, besides always changing oil and filter every 5k miles with synthetic oil. Brake pads are still original and I'm sure will not have to be replaced before 150-175k.

    I've spent around $200 in parts over 6 1/2 years, plus $150 for a battery that any car would have needed. I'd say that is darn good myself. Been one of the better cars I've owned, and very easy to work on, and parts are fairly inexpensive for this little car. It only went to the dealer one time for the recall on flashing the ECM for the updated emissions crap. Never had a warranty claim for anything. If I needed another, I would not hesitate to buy another Gen 1 Cruze.
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    Feb 2016
    I like our cruze, do the proper services as needed, and have not had any major issues, it feels like a solid car. I think Scotty is wrong on this one.
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