Installing the 4h short throw shifter
First you want to swivel the aluminum block with three electrical clips out of your way.

To unclip this, pull these two tabs to the outside and just lift up and out.

Flip it over and to the drivers side out of the way.

Now you need to remove the front side dust cap (the one facing you) from the stock shifter, circled here.

To do this, what I did was drill a small hole. I used a mechanical push pinch in the center, very carefully, so that I could drill a hole in it, making sure it was centered. The dust cap is VERY thin, you only need to go a little bit in, just enough to get a small screw started, you want to try avoiding drilling into the pin behind it so it doesn’t become mushroomed. I just took a machine screw and threaded it into the dust cap. In tightening the inserted machine screw it will push against the pin and pull the dust cap out nice and easy.
Now to get the pin out, I used an air impact hammer. Just zipped it until the air hammer wouldn’t push it any further.

Then I used the bolt that came with the new shifter and a mallet to pop it out the rest of the way.
Now to remove the linkage on the drivers side of the shifter.

This is very easy. The only tricky part is having two hands close together in there. I used a small pry bar and a flathead screw driver. Two flatheads would work fine. All you do is pry between the metal of the linkage and the plastic bushing, evenly on both sides, and it pops right off.
Now to slide over the other linkage so you can lift the shifter off. I used a very small flathead screwdriver to push inside the fastening clip. That separates the clip and I slid it off, and the clip holds to the screwdriver (at least it did for me), so it doesn’t fly off.

Take care to note how this piece is the vertical actuation and there is a groove on the side of the shifter that it slides in. There is a black square piece of plastic that acts a runner, and it only held in place by the pressure of the clip holding the linkage against the shifter.

This linkage will now slide towards the drivers side of the car, allowing you to pull the shifter vertically off the shifter shaft.
To get the new shifter provided by 4h, I first deburred the tapered part of its interior that would slide over the shaft,then put a bit of blue lithium grease on the inside of the new shifter. It took a couple hits with dead blow, hitting a pry bar wrapped in a terry towel on the new shifter to get it to plop down. Then I just found the closest Allen socket I had to hold it lined up from the rear of the pin hole. Got the roll pin provided with new shifter in place, and slid it in with a c-clamp.
The pushed the plastic square runner back onto the last shift linkage removed, pushed it into the grove on the shifter, held it with my right hand while I slid the clip back onto the shift linkage (I just used my hand, didn’t need a tool to put it back on), then popped on the other linkage by hand.

Slide the aluminum block with the three electrical connections back and snap into place. Boom.
I highly recommend this shifter, the shifting feels significantly more solid and tighter. The throw isn’t a huge reduction, maybe 30% of what it was, but that actual gear selection actual feels much much clean and concise. 5 stars, A-plus, would recommend to a friend, would definitely buy again.
Any questions, fire em my way.

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