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    My 2011 Chevy Cruze shuts off while I'm driving at least one a month. It has 128,000 miles. I asked the dealership to replace the negative battery cable to see if that would fix the issue. They wanted $540 which I refused to pay because it should be replaced for free if its a manufacturer issue. The last time the car shut off, I had the heater on full blast and was traveling 45 mph. The other times it turned off, I was usually slowing down at a light or stop sign, or going over a speed bump. Please help me diagnose and/or fix the issue.
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    does anyone have a gurgling sound under the dash when accelerating in their 2011 chevy cruze
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    I am in the Philippines and I bought a 2011 Chevy Cruze. After about a week the car threw a CODE 84 and went into limp mode. I made it to Chevy dealer in Tarlac City and they diagnosed the car needing an ECM. They quoted me a price of 61000 pesos for the part. I purchased a new ECM at GM dealer in Manila for 36000. I brought it to the dealer for install and flashing. They can't get the ECM to accept the info. After doing some checking I found many people were have the same problem and it was not ECM but other parts like throttle body. The dealer has requested Chevy technical assistance but I am now very unsure they diagnosed the problem correctly. They put my old ECM back on and it runs but still hase code and no throttle response. Can someone help me?
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    I have been having the problem that other people have been having. Which is the burned oil, or other smell inside the cabin. It only comes when the heater is on high, and when its cold out. It is starting to stink my car up.
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    Hello, I have a 2014 Chevy Cruze LT that threw codes p1101 p0171. I verified the MAF was good and everything else checked out except for the possibility of a valve leak. In the end, I need to replace the Intake Manifold because of the check valve "disintegrated" as I was told by the Chevy tech. I called Corp and was told they have no reports of this issue. The dealer even said this is a common problem and viewing the threads on here it seems to be as well. This REALLY looks like a defect and I'm not thrilled I have to shell out $800 to replace an entire manifold because someone decided to mold it at one piece.. and there is nothing I can do about it. This should be listed as a defect and not charge to people for something that clearly was not designed properly.
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    My daughter has a 2013 Cruze and CEL has come on. I checked the codes and cleared them and they came back on 3 times. Did not clear them the last time. Codes are P0171 and P1101. From my research it sounds like the pcv valve in the valve cover has failed and sounds like could be a possible air leak from there. I believe this should still be under warranty because has just under 100k miles. A concern is taking back to the dealer after just getting the car back from them for a coolant leak in which she paid $120 diagnostic fee. She really can't afford to authorize another diagnostic fee. Is there a way this can be waved?
  7. Is the TCM and ECU covered for 8 years under the federal emissions warranty? What control modules are covered under the Emissions warranty? (2011 Cruze, 1.8 engine). Thank you!
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    Attn: Erica Tiffany, Chevrolet Customer Care

    Hi Erica, I am among those Cruze owners who are trying to get information about my Pioneer sound system. The parts desk at Ontario Motor Sales is telling me I have Bose system and I know I don't. I Have a rear deck subwoofer that has gone bad and want to replace it. Can you tell me if a Bose speaker will fit my Cruze rear deck as I think they are a superior speaker.

    I've seen a thread or two in which you said you could provide an RPO printout on my car for me. Would you please? My VIN is
    1G1PM5SC9C7302298 and my email is [email protected]

    Thanks in advance, Randy
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    Got it home on a mechanic friend's flatbed. He says he thinks it's a broken engine rod and will be taking it to a GM dealership tomorrow for assessment for "buyback program"? I sure expected a little longer life out of a well-maintained car and engine. Extremely disappointed especially since I had to recently scrap a beautiful '03 Olds Aurora over a head gasket issue that was too expensive to fix. I thought GM fixed their engine issues!
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    13 Cruze died on interstate yesterday. Had to leave it. Head-gasket replaced about 2 weeks ago. Had been getting intermittent electrical activity, rough idle/stalling. Yesterday, seemed normal so I drove across the state. Got indicator @ oil problems and to shut off car. It died. Temp gauge normal. Inside oil cap wet with oil. Wouldn't restart, battery quickly died. Towed. Got jumpstart to get windows up. Restarted but fearing damage shut it off. Couldn't get key out, so locked it up inside. Weak battery causing electrical issues? Not overheating, but losing water. I've read fuse boxes are commonly replaced. Buy new battery in hopes that's the only problem? $400 to tow home. Tow dolly seems a waste if just a dead battery. There's a GM dealership a block away from my car. but can't do anything until Mon/Tues. All this happens just as 100K warranty expired. I've seen the Cruze is famous for strange electrical issues.
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