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Thread: How cold does it have to be before I have to add anti-gel?

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    Off-Road Champion boraz's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by eli View Post
    i drove 017 cruze stick in arctic conditions from boston to minnesota on its first winter, high temp was +16F, low temps were -16F (without wind chill).

    I added no power-service/anti-gel but certainly did refuel at major truck stops and did worry about gelling on those -16F nights. An F-250 at my motel 6 did gel - rookie owner had driven it north from Texas without refueling/recirculating after arrival in Rochester Minnesota.

    The only thing I wish I added to the car was BLIZZAK TIRES. Not a fuel additive .

    To the previous comment that we can have no idea the actual blend of the diesel we buy, that's not entirely true. On the -16F arctic-conditions driving to/from/in minnesota, I refueled at at least one location that my eldest son had filled the diesel tank from his fuel tanker the day before or the same day - blended the diesel with additive at the refinery/terminal as he loaded it into the tanker "pockets" (i think thats maybe what he called them.)

    ps - Minnesota is awesome.

    -tanker driver here
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    Handbrake Released froyofanatic's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by TDCruze View Post
    You never said how cold it was in the morning in question.
    In the teens (F). Drove from a SoCal beach city to Big Bear.

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    Drag Racing Champion
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    Nov 2017
    The trucker hauling the fuel might know what HE added to the loadout. But does he know how it was brewed?

    He might have some vague idea but for US. The consumer. We have no clue.

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    Mar 2015
    Mistakes can happen. The F-250 dude didn't refuel when he arrived in MN from TX, else his wouldn't have gelled up at -16F over his multiple Hampton Inn nights. Clearly his mistimed his refuels and/or he did not refuel at his northernmost destination. Maybe he had the dual-fuel tanks too, who knows. You gotta think ahead with this stuff: burn off the warmer-climate-diesel and refuel with coldest-climate-diesel upon arrival.

    No mistakes from my son the former tanker-delivery/driver now supervisor. Drivers at his place are fired for failing to report minor mistakes. Honesty is paramount. He knows everyone at the terminal and knows every processes & procedures all the way from terminal to consumer fuel tank, including the ways to test/verify/calculate what is in each "compartment", every detail of every safety procedure, in addition to 'thinking outside the box' when the going gets rough or something weird happens. He is not an engineer or physicist but asked "laymans questions" in his first week on the job relating to physics & angular momentum of the fuel compartments that prompted the 50 other drivers to all say "I've been driving for 40 years and never thought of that and barely understand it". He knows petroleum/fueling/tanker/hazmat-delivery operations & processes & procedures similar to how I know computers from transistor/solid-state/quantum-mechanics level up to the highest level languages & APIs. Also he knows all the unwritten rules/tricks/workarounds that drivers do, the stuff that isn't in any book. He supervises all the other drivers now.

    They have ways to measure what is in the compartment and to "fix" in case of a wrong mix (back to refinery and re-refine it to separate the wrong mix.)

    In the tanker-driver training videos, a happy voice at the end always announces something like: "remember that the tanker you are pulling is considered a weapon of mass destruction under international law!!!"

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    Handbrake Released steveg241's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    I was just up in Plattsburgh, NY where the temps went to -3F/-19C and I didn't have problems, but I also used Power Service in the white bottle. I did run into 1 station that had gelled pumps, so not everyone is cycling through fuel fast enough or getting the right blend. I had to drive another 30 minutes for a station that had diesel. I prefer to use the additive just so I don't get stranded because not everyone else is on top of things enough to ensure a low enough gel point for the nightly low temperatures.

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