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  • bseward89 ·
    Hello, how are you? Just join the forum today. Question; I have a 2011 achev Cruze Eco. And it’s been in and out of the shop for the same coolant issue and costing me half a paycheck every two weeks. I’ve replace the coolant tank, water pump, water pump outlet, alternator, engine cover and upper value cover, pvc, etc...and nothing is working. Still coolant leak, and the car has been sitting on the street and I’ve been making to and from work the best I can, I’m at the last bit to pay this p.o.s off I love my Cruze but it’s giving me a massive headache. My last visit to the shop when replacing the thermostat housing they told me that my engine oil cooler is leaking I ordered the part and it arrived yesterday. The issue I’m having it with one of the hose I cannot feel liquid/coolant flowing thru and I don’t notice any physical leaks on the ground and don’t know where the coolant is disappearing to...what can I do at this point? And would the engine oil cooler help or fix the issue?
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