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About Me
I'm an old Rusty Wrench, almost 60, been wrenching since the 60's. From chainsaws, lawnmowers to a Datsun dealer, I've worked on domestic cars, built engines, done tuning and suspension mods for decades.
I was one of the few with a a/f ratio meter. Tuning carbs properly without one is tedious and dangerous.
Worked in the "Toolroom" at Southern Company for over 30 years. Repaired industrial tools and vehicles and supplied professional advice to Engrs and management. Had a high level of respect for my discipline and motivation from my peers and management alike.
I study the art of mechanics and mechanical engineering closely.
I'm well read in the area of Adhesives, Loctite, Gaskets, Fasteners, Tool usage and most importantly, Safety !

Snow Skiiing, Boating, Jet-Ski's, Gold Digging, Metal Detecting, Gardening, Home Repair, Junking etc
Retired but still busy.
2012 Gold Mist ECO m/t
1st yr. 27,000 mi @ 48mpg

In the interest of National security and corporate profits,
the environment, health, well being and financial security of the American citizen is of no concern.