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  • Patman ·
    Hey watch it with the computer nerd stuff. LOL Been a programmer since 1991. I was raised around cars when you could actually work on them and they had lots of HP and big engines. My 2012 Eco is my 2nd Cruze bought after my 2011 was totaled in February. My first was a 2011 LS. Both 6Ms Lots of new stuff for me to learn on these new cars tho. Good hearing from you again. Stay cool
    Patman ·
    No bother whatsoever. Yes I am from Cincinnati. Mt Airy to be exact. Water towers Northgate etc. Most of my remaining extended family is from Price Hill area. see Cruzes all around and wonder if they are on this forum also. You say you "were" from "Price Hill"? Where are you at now? Happy to hear from you. What kind of Cruze do you have? Hope to read some good stuff from you on the forum.
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