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  1. P069E amd P059F after body repair

    General Discussion
    Hey all, long time lurker haha. I got some body work done on my 2011 Chevy cruze eco after a recent car accident. Upon picking up the car, the check engine light was on. I informed the body shop, and drove home hoping it was nothing. Got home, cleared the codes. The code came back when I...
  2. My issue.

    Gen1 Service Issues
    Got the car back last night. So far it's running just fine. The replaced all four pistons, adn aprrently I had a leak in the radiator as well so that got replaced. Only time will show for sure if they did everything correctly. Drove it about 60 miles since I got it back already.
  3. My issue.

    Gen1 Service Issues
    Will do. Thanks for the info. Just got word they never got the heads in yet so still waiting. I want my car back...
  4. My issue.

    Gen1 Service Issues
    They got the head gaskets back on friday evening. Was supposed to get the car back yesterday but I did not. Waiting to see if I get a call from them today, if not I will be calling them.
  5. My issue.

    Gen1 Service Issues
    All of the oil was fresh. You could tell because my engine isn't very clean, dirt everywhere. I love to drive. I'm averaging about 2k miles a month right now. Not that I noticed but it's possible. The oil was behind the engine as well so I doubt it. Although I do not know for sure where the...
  6. My issue.

    Gen1 Service Issues
    The cap was the first thing I looked at/made sure was on tightly. It was still on tight and straight. I only took side streets to the dealer, not more then 35mph just because I knew with oil leaking it wasn't a good idea. Didn't know it was out at the time though.
  7. My issue.

    Gen1 Service Issues
    So I was driving to go see iron man 3 the other night. Picked up two friends. Rolled over 45,000 miles. Almost to the theater and the check engine light came on. When I got there I opened the hood to see if there was any obvious problems. I found some oil, didn't look like to much (at least not...
  8. thought I would say hi.

    CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    I got myself a ASUS laptop since I didn't want to lug my desktop around every time I changed bases. Running an i7 3rd gen 2.0 ghz (with turbo boots up to 3.0 ghz) 12gb ddr3 3gb ddr5 for the graphics card. Gonna last me a while lol. what is regapping your plugs? I have no idea what that means :/
  9. thought I would say hi.

    CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Figured as much as far as the city MPG goes. Oh well I guess. On base speed limits are 15-35 depending so not much I can do there. Going 50-60 in the 75 doesn't sound too smart to me. Most of the mileage I've put on the car were at least in 70mph zones. I guess I'll stick with a little lower...
  10. thought I would say hi.

    CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    New the the forum, been looking around for a week or so decided to make an account finally haha. Not sure where I fall as in if I'm going to be needing a lot of help with my car or not. I'm a computer nerd not a car person......but I'm not a complete idiot either. I do have one question off...
  11. Military Veterans - POST HERE!

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    USN 2012-present E-2 Active duty - Aviation Electronics Tech. E-6B Mercury.