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  • Patman ·
    Yup I noticed MPG is up and my turbo doesn't kick in as much. Feels like a drivable car again and I don't feel like I am in too high of gear. With the last tune, when I hit @ 2k rpm the car would take off. Thank goodness that is gone. It just feels like a solid tune and it runs the way it should. This was definitely one of their better updates and got it for free and worth the wait. Thanks for telling me to ask them again now that all the other updates are done. Otherwise I would have still be "tuneless" and trying to be like "Obermd with his Eco".
    Patman ·
    Did you see: I sent WOT an email requesting my updated tune after I got back from Lordstown and they sent it to me w/in a couple of days and I got it installed and it is much improved over the last tune! My turbo doesn't kick in like before but I have good power and I enjoy the car again! All thanks to you for suggesting I pester them again now that it has been some time since most all the tune updates are out.
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