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  • Merc6 ·
    I never got into the 50's w/o a tune. I kinda did one time setting the MPG game to 25 miles and resetting it on the freeway/turnpike doing like 58 mph. I liked the older tunes but MPG was my main concern over speed.
    Merc6 ·
    This round is more MPG than speed but plenty of speed left in there. Paid all that money why not get the free updates, right?
    froob956 ·
    My family is still there. I'm active duty Navy, currently in Oklahoma City, OK. I have a 2011 eco. Got it used in January (although it's like a new car for me, newest I've had, first one with under 100k on it lol). I'm not much of a car buff so not sure you'll see too much from me. I'm more a computer nerd.
    froob956 ·
    Hey sorry to bother you, saw you were from Cincinnati, thought I would send you a message. That's my home town, family is actually still there. From the price hill area. How about yourself?
    Abrunet85 ·
    Good Morning,

    I know you used to have a 1.8 M6 with the Trifecta tune. What kind of improvements did you get out of the tune?


    Patman ·
    Here is what you need to do! You connect the quick connector by the hood release on the driver side. Remove the door sill panel on the driver door by pulling up and keep pulling until it is out. Then remove the panel by the hood release. There you will see a block of wires and you will need to tap into that with the screw connections on the quick connect of the Bazooka and then wire into the fuse block for power. I will forward all the diagrams and instructions I got to do this. I would take pics but if you saw my car is in the body shop after last Wed's wreck. Feel free to ask questions. The wires are very tight and it is a PIA but doable.

    Chyeab0i ·
    hey i saw you pmed another member about wiring for a bazooka tube. is there anyway you can forward me the pics? I am installing one this weekend. I have done it before but if i can keep all the wiring in the trunk then that's better for me. thanks.
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