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  • Crouchboy1994 ·
    Ok guys I'm new to this and I'm just looking for a little help. I have a 2011 chevy cruze and it was recently flooded. well the bcm (body control module) lays right in the floor bored and it got under water and ruined it. I've talked to dealerships and everyone and no one can give me the answer I'm looking for. the Bcm is vin locked to that vehicle and if I just get another random bcm it wont control my cruze as it is should. But what if I went to a junk yard and got the Bcm and Ecm and replace it on my car straight off another car that the bcm and ecm was matching on.
    Hamcraig ·
    Question for all of you out there, I'm installing the LEDGlow 4 pc SMD in my 2013 Cruze. I don't know what fuse to use, I can't use the power outlets because I made them hot 24/7 and i want my lights to turn off when I turn off the vehicle, any ideas what i can do?
    Aug ·
    I have a 2012 Cruze Ls. Is it possible to have the key fob reprogrammed to make the trunk release button inactive. I'm tired of having people tell me the trunk is open on my car or getting in the car and having to get out again to shut the trunk!!! Is just the key available without the fob?
    Ravi ·
    Dear Cruze mates
    I am buying a 3 years old Chevrolet cruze.
    I really liked the car's exterior and interior, I am getting it for a very good price from a dealer.

    I got comprehensive inspection carried out by a professional.

    There are some minor corrosions on Brake Discs, Chassis Members, Sub frame and mountings, Anti Roll Bar, Bush's & Mounts, Dampers, Drive Shaft assembly, Front suspension and steering, Rear suspension, Steering joints/ ball joints, suspension arm/mounts, Tie bars.

    Moderate corrosion on exhaust system.

    After looking at report I was a bit disheartened that these corrosion would stop me buwould've car.

    I would like to understand if these types of minor and moderate corrosions are normal for this old car.

    There are about 3 keepers so far for the car, I'm slightly worried about this as well, as in 1 keeper every year, is that a major concern to buy the car.

    I would really appreciate if you help me with these questions.

    Thanks for your help

    cruzey13 ·
    Hey how's it's going? You are a gm representative right? Are they coming out with stage kits for the 2012 chevy cruze? There was rumour that it was supposed to be out by Xmas. Please let me know
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