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  • geiser ·
    Hello Xtreme, I am interested in getting a pair of door mdf mounts for some silver flutes. I am also interested in the big 3 kit and even the V1 PCV Check Valve Fix Kit. If you combine and bill me that would be great. Thanks, Jay Geiser
    FasYankee ·

    I can't figure out how to make the font bigger so my enthusiasm could be understood but that V2 kit is AWESOME!!!

    I CANT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE......I WAS GOING TO TRADE THIS CAR IN!!!!.....IT'S LIKE I GOT MY OLD CAR BACK.....(yes I'm shouting.....I'm that stoked about this).....the car became an utter was almost dangerous as I had to have a good 10-15 sec cushion while pulling out into traffic because it just. would. not. go......I'm going to scour the interwebs now for other mods.......i knew this car had potential when I bought it......thanks man. And if you're ever in CT I'm buying the beers!
    Merc6 ·
    This guy wasn't a fan of the car and went Miata instead

    Trading in my 2014 EX-L Coupe 6-6 for .... - Drive Accord Honda Forums
    tdc ·
    Dear XtremeRevolution, I'm turning to you, kindly, for some help, please. My 2012 Cruze LS (1.8L/Auto/28,740 miles) shows a 'check engine' light, with an accompanying radiator fan running at full speed. It exhibits this behavior (permanently), even from a cold (overnight rest) start. The code, I believe, is P0599. ¿May you please, please, tell me, if you are amenable, kindly, if the fix for this is covered under my still active 5yr/100K mile powertrain warranty, please? (I guess I'm trying to save the 'diagnostic' fee [$109+tax], if the fix its NOT covered). Thank you very much. Additionally, your comments, explanations, helps are very valuable to us owners. God Bless you. Don't know on this forum where I could read your answer, should you post one. But my 'handle' is: tdc . Thank you again.
    jahdisciple ·
    Hi Sir,

    I've seen you in quite a lot of posting and I really believe that you are the right guy to ask, I just have a question with regards to changing the ATF of Cruze 2011 LS 1.8L. I tried looking for it in any posting or any other website but can't seem to find it, could you please help me out where to find it? I would like to change the ATF of my car but the dealer refuses to do so as they told me that the transmission of this car is maintenance free (it doesn't have a dipstick as well so no mechanic can tell me whether it is possible). photos of it would be very helpful for me as I have no idea and I'm a new owner of the car.

    Invierno ·
    Hey there, I was wondering how I might go about getting the "Veteran" tag thing added to my profile. The camo colored tab? I've seen a few have it. What do I need to show my Veteran status? Thanks!
    Livingfortheice ·
    Hey man! So i cannot help but wonder why you have not published an audio "bible". You could absolutely make a killing! I mean if i were you, just start throwing together something and see where it gets you. Then when someone needs some advice or something, just point them towards a section in your book! You know more than i ever could imagine about audio, and it would be amazing to read something you write!!!!
    FromTheCrypt ·
    Hey man it's been over a year since I've been on here I believe you were the one who live in Blue Island IL and does the speaker installs correct? Now that I have some spending money I would love to try to set something up with you in the near future for some sort of install most likely 1 sub (kicker) in the back on my car to compliment my bass music I listen to. Looking forward to hearing back form you. Thanks!
    aestes89 ·
    Been a long time viewer, and you always seem to be the authority on this car. Quick question for you if you have the time, no rush. I've been looking into replacing the stock speakers in my Cruze (bet you get that a lot, huh?) and had a few things i wasnt quite sure of. the set i want to purchase is a component set. it will be driven by an external amplifier. however, some people have said it would be easier to just leave the stock tweeter where it is. is there a crossover hidden somewhere in this car already? or are there two separate pairs of wires in each door area, one for the tweeter, one for the door. if so, i may just replace the door speaker and leave the factory tweeter, however if i need to replace them at once, i will. any thoughts? thanks!
    XtremeRevolution ·
    Just a heads up to anyone posting on this wall. Please do not post visitor messages, as I won't get to them. Send me a private message instead. It's far easier for me to sort through and respond to the volume of PMs I get on a daily basis. Thanks.
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