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  • Jnoobs ·
    Hey, i understand you may be busy but i'm kind of in the grey area of what "Tune Requests" there are for the trifecta tune. Ive done searches but can't get an exact answer on them. What do you recommend for a 1LT RS 6M Cruze?
    Macman ·
    Hey xtreme. I know you're busy, but do you have any insight on my posts in the fuel economy thread?
    RAW2U ·
    Nokians are a great tire I will tell ya.A few feet of snow and these on our beater van drives circlees around the 2010 terrain with its stock tires.And the terrain was AD
    gt_cristian ·
    Hi! I wanted to say thank you for your posts. I came across a lot of good info and that is greatly appreciated.
    I was looking for answers regarding coolant smell and leak on my Cruze 2LT and found way more than I was expecting.

    I might do your resonator mod but I am not sure if it will void my warranty in Canada.

    Keep up the good work!
    NYCruze2012 ·
    Hey just wanted to say hello and thanks for the info. I loved your write up on getting more mpg's and yes the first thing of yours I read was removing the duct work to the resonator. the Cruze is much better now!
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