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      Is there any other device?
      The device needed to do a full test costs more than the battery. (A lot more.) It's only affordable to shops.

      This is a big improvement over a simple voltmeter. But even then, I'm not sure as it will spot all the problems that could be happening.
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      This is a big improvement over a simple voltmeter. But even then, I'm not sure as it will spot all the problems that could be happening.
      Ordered! Looks like a fun gadget. Thanks.

      There are two devices that effectively test batteries.

      The most frequently used nowadays...
      Wow! I will feel like I haven't lived until I've tried this. Thanks for taking the time to go through every little detail.

      Update: I'm still having the same problems with icons & starting the car.

      I tried charging it again a few times. It would say it was charged after five minutes but then would take forever to start so when I got home I tried charging again. It was still charging the next day so I just pulled the plug.

      I'm taking it to be tested by the guy I bought it off tomorrow.

      I've obviously come to the right place for advice so thanks again. But I still have a few questions that have been popping into my head over the last week.

      As long as you don't mention leaving the hazards on overnight. Discharging a battery that low can kill it.
      I'm still a little puzzled. I've left my headlights on once or twice over the years (in different vehicles than the Cruze). I've seen other people do the same thing. Why weren't the batteries killed on those occasions?

      Is the Cruze battery a different technology? Do hazards draw more power than headlights meaning it would take more than a day for headlights to kill the battery? Something else?

      2. About 18 months ago I checked/pumped up the Cruze tyres using a small pump I'd bought that is powered by the cigarette lighter socket. I didn't think I'd need to leave the engine running but afterwards the car wouldn't start. The pump wouldn't have been on for more than 10 minutes in total and I'm sure I'd done it before (but maybe in a different car). At the time I didn't have jumper leads and was parked wrong way in. The Cruze was about 3 or 4 years old so I thought the original battery was probably on it's way out so I thought it was best to just replace it. Do you think that was the problem?

      3. I actually kept that battery and had intended to get the equipment to test/charge it but never got around to it. While I had the charger this week I hooked it up but the charge light flickered which I'd been told means there's a problem with the battery.

      4. If I can't get the battery replaced under warranty what type of battery should I look for.

      Thanks again.
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