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      I know that in Cruze 2013, there is no inside trunk release button. At the security check point it is so inconvenient and embarrassing, when the security officer bangs your car from behind asking you for opening the trunk and you have no option but to come out of the car and open it from outside. The security officer gives up in a minute as he can not easily find the trunk-release button situated above the number plate under the bow-tie.

      I am sure, you won't advice me to shut down the engine and then use the remote key. I read some posts on the Internet where people are suggesting that the car needs to be kept in parking mode and doors open before pressing the unlock key on the remote, but that too does not work.

      So, my question is that how can I open trunk of my Cruze 2013 without shutting down the engine and without coming out of the car to press the button under the bow-tie?

      Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts

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