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      Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

      I purchased tails from AliExpress and ran into the same issue. I have yet to do this due to the weather, but take a 12v battery from a power tool and test each lamp in your new headlights to see what wire provides what function, I.E. reverse, brake etc. and then get a copy of your rear wiring harnesses schematic and do the opposite and tag each wire and what functions they provide. A 12v test light will work (looks like an ice pick with a lead coming out of the handle.) but a multimeter with automotive clips works much better. If your good at soldering, solder short leads off of each wire and add a Stak-On to each one. Do the same on both the vehicles harness and the headlight harness, taking your time and labeling each as you go. This method works, but creates a bundle of wires and connectors you need to deal with. The next best thing would be to use a locally available connector body and pin system. Try your local electronics company and remember to get the tool for crimping the pins.

      If you prefer the factory look, there are many posts outlining the process to deciphering the connectors, what style pins and more. Later today or tomorrow I will try and add links and / or photo's to some of what I have suggested.

      Here is one post explaining how to track down a factory connector

      Another style test lamp
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      2014 LT program car, Pull Me Over Red, 1.4T Auto
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      I just need the correct pinouts
      I posted what I learned about the 16 pin to 10 pin adapter. I will keep looking for the original sheet I used, but this should be correct. Just ignore the 10 pin side. Also if you do not have any, buy a set of back pins. If you do not have a meter, (I have a Fluke) you will also need a set of decent leads. Harbor freight has a freebie meter that will do what you need (assuming the leads are removable.) If you do not want to get a meter and leads, get the back pins and a test light. (I have a Snap-On).

      Using these tools, you can verify the pins.

      The 16 pin to 10 pin adapter harness is pinned as follows.
      16 pin 5 Auto Dimming + ( gray) to 10 pin 9.
      16 pin 6 video + ( ? ) to 10 pin ?
      16 pin 7 video - ( ? ) to 10 pin ?
      16 pin 8 ground ( black ) to 10 pin 5
      16pin backup lamp relay control - reverse - ( green) 10 pin 1
      16 pin 11 on star keypad signal ( white ) to 10 pin 3
      16 pin 12 on star keypad supply voltage ( light green ) to 10 pin 4
      16 pin 13 ignition ( pink) to 10 pin 2
      16 pin 14 on star keypad green LED signal (yellow ) to 10 pin 6
      16 pin 15 on star keypad red LED signal (brown) to 10 pin 7
      16 pin auto dimming- ( red ) to 10 pin 8
      Not used. 10 pin 10
      The rest of the 16 pins are not currently used.
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