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      How-To: Replace 2011-2016 Cruze 1.4L Coolant/Water Outlet

      The coolant/water outlet on the 1.4L Turbo engine has a high rate of failure and typically begins to leak at the joint between the water outlet and the recovery tank hose. The repair involves replacement of both the water outlet and the recovery tank hose. The two should be replaced at the same time.

      Tools Required:
      - E10 Socket w/ ratchet
      - Flathead screwdriver
      - In-lb torque wrench (Available on
      - Hose clamp pliers (Available on (Note: some people try to use pliers for these clamps, but doing so makes the job significantly more difficult. I recommend picking up this tool.
      - A clean 1+ gallon bucket

      Parts Required:
      25193922 Coolant/Water Outlet (Available on
      13251447 Recovery Tank Hose (Available on

      Unless a coolant flush has been performed recently, it would be a good idea to flush the cooling system when this part is replaced. Begin first by draining the coolant, using the following tutorial:

      Note: you will see some extra oil hose in this tutorial that go to my bypass filter. You will not have these hoses on your car, so don't be alarmed if you don't see them.

      Remove the clip holding the recovery tank hose onto the water outlet and pull the recovery tank hose out.

      Separate the recovery tank hose from the retaining clip shown here:

      Using hose clamp pliers, remove the hose clamp at the connection between the recovery tank hose and the coolant reservoir, and remove the hose with a twisting motion.

      Using hose clamp pliers, slide the hose clamp down the hose shown here, and remove the hose from the water outlet.

      Disconnect the throttle body wire by sliding back the locking retainer (you can use a flathead screwdriver). Using a flathead screwdriver, loosen the intake hose and remove it from the throttle body as shown below. Not shown in this picture, I also removed the wiring connector from the sensor mounted to the top of the intake tube.

      Disconnect the O2 sensor harness. You don't absolutely need to disconnect this, but it makes your job a bit easier to do so. There's a plastic retaining clip that you need to slide upward at the same time as you pull outward. This took me a bit of time to get off, but a bit of wiggling and pulling the retaining clip upward and it eventually came loose.

      Using hose clamp pliers, slide the hose clamp down the radiator hose, and remove the radiator hose from the water outlet.

      Disconnect the wiring connector that goes into the water outlet.

      Using hose clamp pliers, slide the hose clamp down the heater core hose, and remove the heater core hose from the water outlet. This will be located underneath the throttle body.

      Using the E10 socket, completely loosen the three bolts holding the water outlet.

      Remove the water outlet. On mine, the gasket was stuck to the cylinder head. Remove the gasket, and wipe off the surface of the cylinder head to ensure it is free of debris.

      Install the new water outlet and torque the E-10 bolts to 71 INCH-POUNDS.

      The new recovery tank hose has a retaining clip on the end of the hose. Remove the retaining clip as shown with a screwdriver:

      Reconnect all of the hoses and wiring connectors. Don't forget to put the retaining clip back onto the recovery tank hose once reinstalled.

      Refill the cooling system through the coolant reservoir.


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