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  1. Muscle Car Choices?

    Off Topic Discussion
    AMC Rebel Machine you won't see two of them at the strip or shine and show. Maybe a Javelin 401 Modern? I wanted GM to import the Commodore Ute and rebadge it as an El Camino. 6.2 455 hp El Camino. I'd have to go with the Challenger of the real life choices.
  2. Donald Trump

    Religion & Politics
    Mormons fleeing the Edmunds Act, which made polygamy a felony, renounced their US Citizenship and moved to Mexico. George Romney was born in Mexico to expatriate parents. They again fled during the Mexican Revolution back to the United States. Does Mitt Romney need to pack his bags for...
  3. Can someone help me with spark plugs question.

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I used platinums in my last turbocharged car. (PT-GT) It honestly did not run as well as the cheap OE .99¢ Champion copper plugs. The only real problem with the Champions was that there would be significant gap erosion and electrode rounding in as little as 10,000 miles. Yep, 10,000 miles...
  4. Donald Trump

    Religion & Politics
    Jeb is desperate and clueless. He seems to have completely forgotten that his brother signed the US-Iraq Status of Forces Agreement. Obama just upheld it. His banter with Hillary is entertaining. Might just be a battle of the also-rans. Trump continues to gain support. Over 100,000 have...
  5. Best Products for interior/exterior maintenance?

    General Discussion
    I've been using Meguiars Natural Shine Protectant. My only issue is that the console cover in the center of the dash appears to be made of a different kind of plastic and ends up with a different finish than the rest of the dash. Nothing going back over with a damp towel a few hours later can't...
  6. Donald Trump

    Religion & Politics
    You sound surprised! Rupert Murdoch's Faux News is just a propaganda machine. Faux News is actually worse than MSNBCCCP. The latter does not take an active role in presidential campaigns Journalistic integrity is dead in the United States.
  7. Cruze TD vs Mercedes 220D

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    I had all but forgotten about the boingy springy seats. They were vinyl but a high grade very thick and soft vinyl. Not anything like the vinyl in Datsuns, Toyotas and Hondas of the time(which all vaguely smelled of brackish water after awhile)
  8. Cruze TD vs Mercedes 220D

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    My ex's mother had a 240D. Garaged, mint condition metallic brown. She had escaped from East Germany in the '60s. Seemed an appropriate vehicle for someone who had escaped to decadent West Germany. Economical and reliable but classy. (no Trabi or Wartburg for her) It was the slowest vehicle I...
  9. Donald Trump

    Religion & Politics
    The '50s were the Eisenhower years. The top marginal income tax rate in 1953 was 92%. The 92% tax bracket applied to income over $400,000 in 1953, equivalent to an income of $3,439,611 today. Since this tax bracket applied to very very few, the economic destruction was small. It was still a...
  10. Replacement tires

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    I haven't tried the Hoops. I know what the Molas 8s ride and handle like. I'd rather ride a $25 Kenda. I'm still researching because the Zippy 2 rear is the wrong aspect ratio. I was considering Heidenau and Schwalbe. I'll throw the Hoops into the mix when replacement time comes around
  11. Match Your Beliefs

    Religion & Politics
    I got Bernie Sanders 92% and Donald Trump 75% Is that even possible? :laugh:
  12. Donald Trump

    Religion & Politics
    I like how they opened up with the trap question for Donald Trump. "Will you pledge your fealty to the mighty GOP?" "Nope." "But...but....but....that will Ross Perot us! You'll give the election to Clinton." "Well, that's a risk you'll have to take if you nominate someone else." :laugh...
  13. Suck, Squish, Bang, Blow-up

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    276cc big block is in with a CF Moto cylinder head and crankshaft. Little off idle stumble to work through still.
  14. Suck, Squish, Bang, Blow-up

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    Helix. The event was not as violent as it looks. It just lost power. I had no idea that much damage had occurred.
  15. FYI Got an interesting letter in the mail

    Gen1 Service Issues
    I got one for my wife's Mitsubishi Eclipse years ago. The attorneys get millions. The vehicle owners get $175.00 ea.
  16. Suck, Squish, Bang, Blow-up

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    Yes, a nearly 30 year old Honda scooter can indicate 84mph on level pavement. (given average speedo error for this particular scooter, that's about 79.2 mph. Not bad for a 2 valve SOHC 250 Single) ....there might be consequences. Oops. Now I have a reason for a big block kit.....and...
  17. Now VW has a 1.4 turbo gas engine

    Off Topic Discussion
    Forbes still lists Toyota at #1 for 2015
  18. Delta, American ban big-game

    The Badlands
    Ron White summed it up for me: "I don't think it's more holy to eat an animal that's been shot by someone else. It's because it's 5AM, it's cold, and I don't wanna' go." I don't understand killing something that you are not going to eat. I mean I could easily pick off a Red-Tailed Hawk. Just...
  19. Now VW has a 1.4 turbo gas engine

    Off Topic Discussion
    My Type 1 Beetles weren't indestructible, but when something broke you could always get it put back together well enough to limp home with simple tools on the side of the road.
  20. Now VW has a 1.4 turbo gas engine

    Off Topic Discussion
    They've had the 1.4T in the Polo for some time now. VWoA won't import the Polo to the USA. I don't know why....They import them to Mexico. US and Canada don't even get the Gol, and it is Flex-Fuel capable and made in the Western Hemisphere. I guess VWoA is content letting the Fiesta, Fit...
1-20 of 332 Results