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  1. 1.4T, PCV rupture, air sucking

    Gen1 Powertrain
    They are way over pricing changing the intake manifold out. Your better off buying it your self and find a local mechanic to do it for you if your not comfortable doing it.
  2. Enough evidence to indict Hillary

    Religion & Politics
    I think just voting for Trump will make a big statement. Neither side likes him and some American's also. I think most of the dislike is because he speaks his mind a little to openly at times. But we as a country need to quit being wimps, so what if someone doesn't like or makes fun of you...
  3. Headlight issue

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    That's just weird. Did you by chance have different headlight bulbs or any bulbs in there different than factory?
  4. Cruze paint fail?

    General Discussion
    States are also using more gravel to fill pot holes quickly so you have more rocks on the road. also during the winter they love to use small pea gravel with salt because its cheaper.
  5. Getting my 2nd Valve cover..

    Gen1 Service Issues
    I don't think there was a recall on the valve cover. But if your under 100k isn't it covered by powertrain warranty?
  6. Air Conditioner not working. Common issue?

    Gen1 1.8L
    All cars can have this problem its not a design error on the cruze. Yes the plastic screen can help which I added on my 2011 but do a google search and you will see all makes and models have this. You best bet to stop this is to not follow closely behind trucks and stay away from people who...
  7. Air Conditioner not working. Common issue?

    Gen1 1.8L
    It also shouldn't be 3000 to fix it. I had my compressor leaking and I had a extended warranty and only paid 100 bucks other wise it would have been 700. I would just fill it up and see if it starts working, if it does I would just do that and not spend the extra money. If its the condenser...
  8. How long have your brake pads lasted?

    General Discussion
    If your brakes are that rusted you need to be cleaning your car during the winter months after a snow. My moms car was like that only because it was never driven much after snow. I have my original rear rotors and pads and I been through ohio winters with a lot of salt. Front were replaced at...
  9. Visions of Rust

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    This is normal rusting from exposed metal to air and moisture. Metal doesn't need salt to rust just air and moisture. There is a black paint from Rustoleum that you just spray on an it reacts with to coat it and stop the rust. Don't need to brush any of it off just get the dirt off and it...
  10. Leak on Headliner

    Gen1 Service Issues
    could be the seal around the windshield or the strips on the top of the roof. If its leaking near the rear could be where the antenna is attached to the roof.
  11. How the Clintons kill the US Automotive Parts Rebuiders.

    Religion & Politics
    This is why the republican and democrat establishments are up in arms over Trump and Sanders. The republicans never though Trump had a chance. Sanders can't win because the Dems probably threatened the deletes if they didn't vote for Clinton. If Trump wins it may finally open their eyes its...
  12. 2018 Chevy Jolt

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    If you go to the website and click the message at the very top the guy who did the website explains why he did it. I think its interesting it hasn't been taken down yet. Its a pretty cool story about himself and why he made the site.
  13. G.M. warns to not drive. Stop sale

    General Discussion
    I bet this is just one supplier. I bet their are multiple suppliers for his par, because if there was just one they would have to stop production. I read that there was a change made but the ones coming from this supplier weren't being made correctly. I also read that they will tow it to the...
  14. Things I DONT like with the Gen2 Cruze

    General Discussion
    You might want to check with dealer they can sometimes get things you can't see on the website configurator.
  15. 2012 2LT Sticking Caliper Slides?

    Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    It should slide out but you don't need to replace them. You need to pull them out and clean and grease them.
  16. Water Outlet Leak found at the end of the powertrain warranty

    Gen1 Service Issues
    Before you go changing that water outlet check and make sure the bolts are tight. Mine never leaked but they weren't tight either. So I snugged them a little more and have not had any issue with it for over 112,000 miles. Water pump was replace twice. So its possible the bolts just might be...
  17. Things I DONT like with the Gen2 Cruze

    General Discussion
    I think part of the reason Manuals don't sell is because dealers are not ordering. I've been looking at the 2016 Camaro and I asked the sales person do you have any manuals, he said the owner won't let them stock any. they have to be ordered or get from another dealer. I won't be buying from...
  18. Things I DONT like with the Gen2 Cruze

    General Discussion
    It also makes it a lot easier to build. This can help stop a lot of build issues. If every car ordered was completely different, build times would be longer and it just give you guys something else to complain about. Its all about making and selling easier it makes complete sense. You can...
  19. Broken Key Fob and you...

    General Discussion
    How are these breaking? I looked at mine and there is no way it would break easy unless I used for something I shouldn't have been using it for.
  20. GEN 2 LS vs. LT, differences and DIY Conversion

    General Discussion
    These build list online are not always accurate when they first come out. I have been looking at the new Camaro and I was looking at different color and interior options and what I wanted wasn't available. Well a dealer I saw a couple weeks ago had the interior and exterior color option. If...
1-20 of 334 Results