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  1. The current highest-mileage Gen 2 Cruze is no more...

    General Discussion
    I'm glad you're ok. It's the mileage on your cruze that's going to get it declared totaled.
  2. Engine Control Module Damage

    General Discussion
    And where will the dealership order the part from? I'd guess GM. Ordering from a third party is too risky for the dealership.
  3. Engine Control Module Damage

    General Discussion
    When the ECM is installed it burns in the VIN on the first boot. The VIN can be changed, but a dealership won't do this.
  4. AMSOIL Signature Series Engine Oil

    Titan Synthetics
    As soon as you see the word "certified" in any form, you immediately add to the cost of the item. You can meet/exceed the certification standard but if you don't PAY for the certification, you cannot claim to be certified.
  5. Toptiergas

    General Discussion
    Stick to high volume stations and it won't really matter. You may want to run a bottle of Techron fuel system cleaner through the tank at every oil change but other than that I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. Engine air filter A3144C won't fit housing

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    This eliminates air gaps that aren't being filtered properly. I've seen this in other cars as well.
  7. Engine air filter A3144C won't fit housing

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    It looks like GM was trying for a tighter fit. Can you squeeze that orange rubber into the housing and then close the filter box?
  8. I SMOKED a Focus ST in my cruze... But after car fully warm, only 50% throttle??

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Which you had NOT indicated prior to this post. As for the responses, the stickers was in humor. The rest have been attempts to assist but you failed to provide sufficient information for us to realize you have basically thrown out all the GM programming that is designed to protect the engine...
  9. Annoyingly BRIGHT Headlights

    Off Topic Discussion
    I've had people flash me about my headlights in my Volt, but not in my wife's Honda Clarity. I think the real problem is more and more headlights are going into the "blue" spectrum in an attempt to give the driver a "whiter" view of the road. The problem is natural light has a lot less "blue"...
  10. I SMOKED a Focus ST in my cruze... But after car fully warm, only 50% throttle??

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    What air filter do you have? If it's an oiled filter, get rid of it in favor of a dry filter that meets or exceeds the OEM filter for particulate matter pass through. Oiled filters have been known to cause MAF sensor failures in the Cruze.
  11. I SMOKED a Focus ST in my cruze... But after car fully warm, only 50% throttle??

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    The Cruze will go into limp mode when the MAF sensor fails. Start with this.
  12. Toptiergas

    General Discussion
    Regardless - make sure you purchase gasoline from a high volume station and never buy while the truck is there filling the underground tanks.
  13. Why no Malibu Diesel?

    Gen2 Diesel General Discussion
    The writing is on the wall, worldwide, for diesels. Combine this with GM leaving the sedan market and we won't see any diesel sedans from GM. I suspect GM will electrify their trucks first, which will eliminate diesels from the truck market as well. This of course, assumes GM continues to...
  14. Gas Prices Near You

    Off Topic Discussion
    My local Safeway shows $2.77 for 85 octane. 87 is always about 30 cents more and 91 about 70 cents more. I don't know the actual numbers for 87 and 91 as I haven't stopped for gas since Feb 28 of this year.
  15. Check engine light

    Gen2 Service Issues
    Has the dealership contacted GM TAC for support? I'm guessing they haven't done so. Time for a new dealership in either case as the one you've been going to isn't getting the job done.
  16. Check engine light

    Gen2 Service Issues
    So take it in and get it repaired.
  17. 2019 Make CruzeTalk Great Again!

    The Badlands
    There's nothing in the US Constitution about using taxes to generate more taxes.
  18. Trump asks Navy Secretary Richard Spencer to Resign

    Religion & Politics
    Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer was fired for disobeying a direct, lawful order from the Commander in Chief of the United States - no more, no less. The Seal in question, Gallager, had already been acquitted of murder but the Navy was still dead set on forcing him to resign in disgrace...
  19. Dealership and warranty issues

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I've never seen a car with 1 mile on the odometer. Even my Pontiac Montana, which I special ordered, had 4 miles on the odometer when it arrived at the dealership. Something's fishy with this entire transaction.
  20. GM sues Fiat Chrysler, alleging union bribery scheme cost it billions

    Off Topic Discussion
    I think this is for actions that occurred a few years ago when FCA was struggling.
1-20 of 405 Results