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  1. So, what's everyone's profession?

    Off Topic Discussion
    Kidney stone...worst pain I ever had. They told me it’s like the pain women go through when giving birth. Really? I now have a new-found respect for women who not only go through that kind of pain once, but multiple times...insane.
  2. CTD owners where do you live?

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    The HOT Arizona desert...near Lake Havasu City (pic from my former TDI summer of 2013) The CTD does very well in the extreme heat.
  3. The current highest-mileage Gen 2 Cruze is no more...

    General Discussion
    What a bummer @UpstateNYBill but glad to hear you’re ok. Sounds like your Cruze did it’s job, could’ve been a nasty neck injury. If I’m counting correctly this will be Cruze #3? With all those miles a diesel would be a fun option to consider......... Keep us posted on the new one, including...
  4. Pennzoil

    General Discussion
    I’ve been running Pennzoil Euro L Platinum Synthetic 5w30 Dexos 2 in my ‘14 Cruze diesel for a couple of years (65k miles). Oil + Filter every 5k miles. Five qt jug usually runs about $25-$28. Other than getting harder to find in stock at Walmart these days I’ve had no issues.
  5. How did this happen??!!

    Chevrolet Cruze News and Reviews
    My first thought was the very last sentence in the article...pissed off Ex combined with Jell-O and very bad intentions.
  6. Annoyingly BRIGHT Headlights

    Off Topic Discussion
    Just a general question...Why is it many headlights these days are nearly blinding? About 3-4 of every ten cars at night approaching from behind have headlights so bright in my rear and side view mirrors it severely inhibits my forward vision. Oddly, in my very UN-scientfic sampling, I find...
  7. What did you do to your Cruze today?

    General Discussion
    Nice. Is that Amsoil filter dry or oiled? I’m noticing some cracking on the stock intake before the turbo, thinking of a CAI but I’ve had bad experiences in the past with oiled filter elements fouling sensors. If there’s a non-oiled solution I may go that route.
  8. Service stablitrak / ABS light

    Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Excellent job @Maqcro1 and thanks for documenting for us all...well done!
  9. Chicago PD

    Religion & Politics
    CPD (correctly) investigated/exposed the matter, charges were filed. IT was the corrupt DA Kim Foxx‘s team that ultimately dropped the charges. CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson and Mayor Rahm Emanuel (not a fan, but in this case he’s correct) both criticized the dropping of charges as a “...whitewash...
  10. Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor, YAY

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Not sure about how best to clear the code, it may require a visit to the dealer. Delete will definitely re-program/clear codes if you’re lucky enough to find one still available.
  11. Chicago PD

    Religion & Politics
    Loved his work on the Smollett case...the rest of this BS, not so much.
  12. The Who concert 40 yrs ago today

    General Discussion
    I don’t remember that event, quite sad to think so many young people perished. Concerts in those days were mega-events, packing football and baseball stadiums to the limits, including SRO down on the fields. Pot smoke was so thick the eyes and lungs burned. Upper levels literally rocked up and...
  13. Is their anywhere that can still do deletes?

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    LOL... @sailurman you had me at AOC...LMAO
  14. Buying new cruze gas or diesel

    Gen2 Diesel General Discussion
    DITTO^^^ Everything @MRO1791 said...Diesel brother, with that commute you’ll love it. Did you test drive the Gas vs Diesel yet? Curious about your thoughts........??
  15. Going for 1,000 mile tank

    Gen1 Diesel Fuel Economy
    Just missed another 1,000 mile tank by 35 miles. Topped off at 17.7 gallons so 1,000 was definitely doable. Low Fuel light illuminated at 906 miles. Started in Phoenix, AZ, drove to Anaheim, CA then through Las Vegas, NV, St. George, UT and ended up at Page, AZ (Lake Powell). Pretty...
  16. Dealership and warranty issues

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Wouldn’t CarFax show date vehicle was 1st titled?
  17. California won't buy cars from GM, Chrysler or Toyota

    Chevrolet Cruze News and Reviews
    LMAO, says the out-of-control wildfire State...and THEY are the Green ones LOL.
  18. Dancing with Fire!

    General Discussion
    Experimenting with range on a Cruze is fun but nerve-wracking for sure. @BradHerr started a thread years ago documenting his amazing 1,000 mile tank on a Gen 1 Diesel Cruze. Thanks to Brad’s documentation I was able to...
  19. Real ID...

    Off Topic Discussion
    Yer right Eddy, they didn’t make me an ID in 10 minutes. Meant to say they gave me a temporary DL printed on paper receipt. The actual new DL w/Fed ID gold star arrived via USPS about a week later.
1-20 of 481 Results