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  1. My 5 month-old diesel LT is only worth 15k to Chevy dealers toward trade-in

    General Discussion
    Here's a crazy comparison. We bought a 2015 Audi Q3 (brand new) for 38k. Two months and 3k miles later we decided that it was to small and went back to the same dealer for trade it in. The same salesman who we bought it from offered us 30k. Obviously, we walked away.
  2. Is it worth getting studded snow tires?

    Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Are studs even allowed?
  3. Transmission Whine

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    No, for either a manual or auto.
  4. Rising gas prices...aren't you glad you bought a Cruze now?

    General Discussion
    Not really. Had my 2012 Cruze for 5 years and was getting 37.8mpg. Decided to go back to something fun and picked up a 2003 TJ and getting about 18.5mpg. I was always big on mpg, but fun slapped that away.
  5. better deal on a leftover 17, or a new 18?

    General Discussion
    If money is a question then go with a 17' otherwise you're buying a brand new car that's almost 2 years old.
  6. Starting a class act lawsuit for Check valve failure

    General Discussion
    The only outcome of a class action is that it makes the attorneys rich and you get a $10 coupon to dunkin donuts.
  7. New System to Replace Onstar Nav and Stereo.

    Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Been using IGO8 for 10 years. Can't be beat.
  8. Super Bowl Sunday Asteroid

    Off Topic Discussion
    Maybe it's time for the rock to hit the earth and we start over.
  9. At Work Today

    General Discussion
    Why would anyone spend 150k for a car that can only go 22 miles on an electric charge?
  10. WORF's Son Alexander Dies

    Off Topic Discussion
    Truly a sad day for the "House of Mogh" Alexander will be welcomed to Stovokor RIP Jon
  11. Pump Yer Gas In Oregon

    Off Topic Discussion
    Yes it is. Unfort, the people keep on voting the same party in to office who keep on screwing them.
  12. Pump Yer Gas In Oregon

    Off Topic Discussion
    Oregon Trail. Great game from the 80's
  13. Pump Yer Gas In Oregon

    Off Topic Discussion
    You're thinking of NJ back in the 70's near Elizabeth. Most of the State is beautiful, especially in South Jersey.
  14. Pump Yer Gas In Oregon

    Off Topic Discussion
    We live in a 55+ golf community. We don't so anything except play golf from Mid-March to early Dec and for the next few months we veg on the couch or go to Fla (and play golf).
  15. Pump Yer Gas In Oregon

    Off Topic Discussion
    Bad snow storm today in NJ...Glad we don't have to pump our own gas.
  16. Pump Yer Gas In Oregon

    Off Topic Discussion
    Something to do with an old law that says gas explodes. Still would rather wait for the guy to pump it, especially in cold or bad weather. The only exception is when I bring in my classic car and just hand me the pump to do it myself.
  17. Pump Yer Gas In Oregon

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hey, I'm from NJ and we don't pump gas...period.
  18. No more 6 speed manual for 2019

    General Discussion
    This would have upset me prior to Sept. Traded in my 2012 for a 2003 Jeep TJ 5 speed and have no plans of ever trading her in. But it's not good news for manual trans fans.
  19. Sad DirecTV News

    Off Topic Discussion
    Not true. If you sue as a class action and win, you're get a very nice $10 gift card to dunkin donuts. As a directv subscriber for 21 years, we dump it and went with Playstation Vue streaming service using an Amazon Fire TV for $40 bucks a month. Big difference from paying $127 to directv.

    Religion & Politics
    President Trump has done nothing that would cause him to be impeach.
1-20 of 480 Results