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  1. Cold air intake causing issues

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    If this is the K&N then the stock one snaps out of the air box and into the velocity stack the filter attaches to. If this is a random intake, the post quoted may be the issue. The maf is calibrated for the stock system only. If the inner diameter is changed, the maf sits closer to one side of...
  2. Merc6'S 2019 Explorer XLT.

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    I wasn't a fan but it grew on me with the other options. Some stuff I ended up going Interceptor Utility and defeating. No lights or horn for lock or unlock or you left the car running. I also did away with dome light always on no matter what foolishness. Been a while since Iv'e driven a...
  3. Merc6'S 2019 Explorer XLT.

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    Accord is gone and Desert Copper package XLT AWD Explorer is in it's place. I was actually looking for Interceptor Utilities but none are local and new have to me converted to used and you lose the discounts. Also that Tax when you get back to the BMV was due immediately. I was getting close to...
  4. Merc6's 2.5 Legacy GT (Lots of Pics!)

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    It's off and on for the hours now and trying to decrome the new vehicle before I take pics of it.
  5. Merc6's 2.5 Legacy GT (Lots of Pics!)

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    Been busy and the lease is almost up, Might be time to let it got.
  6. Anyone else do this?

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    Yep I was in the 13's working on 12's till the turbo took out the engine.
  7. Totalled

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    As it should.
  8. Modifications that Pay

    General Discussion
    How was MPG after that point?
  9. Strange Bluetooth issues

    Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    I had this issue and used to go in and hit the free and clear option to reset it. There was a hold the drivers door open for like 2 minutes reset but I can't remember exactly how that went. On that note, are you on the original negative cable and is the terminal tight? I had the swap done but...
  10. Merc6's 2017 Honda Accord Sport 6MT

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    Tires are on, forgot to post I got red center caps last summer after the Lordstown Meet. Most likely last update before lease is up unless I decide to keep it. At 12 months left if I don't get a pull ahead.
  11. 2013 Chevy Cruze - 65k Miles - If you are thinking about buying a Chevy...

    Gen1 Service Issues
    That's how the mod team is drawn. Some forums haven't grasp that cars can break and dealerships can be the worst experience of your ownership man woman or whatever is the 2018 thing is to be. They go in and delete anything that sheds a bad light on the car. If we took that approach here there...
  12. 2018 Black Friday Deals on Tires & Wheels | Save UP TO 20%

    Discount Tire Direct
    looks like I jumped the gun on all my pre black Friday purchases.
  13. Just picked up a 2013 LT for $1500 77k miles

    Gen1 1.8L
    Welcome to the forums. From the 1st post up tot I was for sure gonna expect a worse looking car and jagged rocker panels. If the trans issue is a simple fix, that will be a sweet price and deal. The kit pretty much is what you want if you are going OEM swap. If it's a 1.8 it's a LS.
  14. Canadian Happy Meal Lawsuit

    The Badlands
    LOL, right. You complaining about a toy and I'm missing a nugget or 3. We not about to go back since I could literally go back a month later and it be the same toy of the series in every box. My kids be happy there was a toy inside, Chic Fil A will give them stickers or a random book.
  15. Merc6's 2017 Honda Accord Sport 6MT

    Cruze Owners - Other Cars/Toys
    Almost at 12 months/payments left of the lease... Approaching winter rapidly and the tires were horrible when new. Now they have some spirited miles they really don't work well. After bouncing back ad forth between a few places online and reviews I finally settled on a set. They really...
  16. Calendar Babes

    General Discussion
    Nah, there was a few points in the earlier years not long after I joined it could have happened. We deleted some good NSFW post then for the sake of being a family friendly forum I tell yah.
  17. 1.8 vs 1.4 turbo....long term maintenance expenses

    Gen1 1.8L
    1.8 in that aspect "Should" be less but you never know how the previous owner treated that car especially if it was a lease. We've seen/known folks with cars that came with free oil changes and didn't bother to do 1 and claim the car is crap when that bites them. End of the day there is no way I...
  18. Disbelieving evil doesn't stop evil from killing you

    Religion & Politics
    LOL in all seriousness MPD target non poc if you are there after dark as you are most likely there for drugs. We had folks on the way to the base stopped because they did't fit in. Didn't help most military folks have out of town plates.
  19. Disbelieving evil doesn't stop evil from killing you

    Religion & Politics
    You were missing the sarcasm of guns are the only way a person can unnaturally die here in the states. Same time it all depends on the country in question as folks from one part of the world will judge others based on their current situation. As for the couple, they clearly haven't rode...
  20. Disbelieving evil doesn't stop evil from killing you

    Religion & Politics
    Stop using logic, lol. Guns are the only axis of evil in the whole world and banning them is like a magic wand being waved across everything. Please wait while I google facts and only use certain size cities so Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, and NYC can't possibly all show up in the...
1-20 of 158 Results