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My 2013 cruze LT 1.4t
2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited
Hello my friends, I have a My Link screen, a radio, and a control panel, but I did not get a belt to work, and I, Saudi Arabia, many people did not know about the belt, and I want to sell a full screen MyLink system
Shelly is a 2016 Gen2 (thank god) 1.4l Turbo
Ravenkeeper's 2020 Honda Civic
Chirping started so replaced the belt , next the tensioner, the turbo coolant line, the oil return line, water pump, crank seal, balancer bolt, waterpump again started weeping less than one year old went back to A C delco water pump, But it’s still chirping! Driving me nuts can not pinpoint the...
My little jazzy. Only reason I got this Cruze was because my Grandma offered to buy me a car, this ended up being the only one in my area with a 6 speed, low miles, and around $7k. At first I wasn't too impressed, it was slow but my first manual car so still fun. After I found the community...
Cold air intake, full LED, dyno tuned, and brand new turbo.
I have 35% in the front and 5% in the back. they are carbon type and work great with keeping heat and sunlight out.
Complete new paint job and body work!
2017 Premier Hatch
My 2015 Cruze who is a bit of a trouble maker...
Thought it would be nice to get in the holiday spirit by putting a bow on my stock 2017 Cruze LT