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Mods: boost gauge, flow master super 10. Plan to do way more.
I love my Cruze. When i drive past dudes working on their car. Their heads always pop up
tint 5% windshield strip, 15% front, 5% back wheels Konig controls in stock 17s
Got her polished up and ready for the weekend. Although a little pricey; I love the way the Hydrosilex products work, and they are super easy to apply.
Got it brand new Feb '16, just hit 56,000 miles. As base as the base model gets, but she's got a personality to her and I hope to keep her around for a good while. We've crossed multiple statelines so far, and she's the best copilot I could hope for. Wanting to get under the hood and upgrade...
I bought mine and loved it. Well I couldn't get my wife out of my car, she wanted to drive it all the time. I said hay I bought the car for me to drive.... If you like it that much get yourself one! Well she said Ok. Within a few days she became the proud owner of her 2017 Silver RS Premier with...
This is my cruze that i put a lot of time and money into. It’s my daily and racecar by night. many more mods coming ?
This is my station wagon... I'll update this thread every time I did new modifications. ?✌?
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