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Ravenkeeper's 2020 Honda Civic
Chirping started so replaced the belt , next the tensioner, the turbo coolant line, the oil return line, water pump, crank seal, balancer bolt, waterpump again started weeping less than one year old went back to A C delco water pump, But it’s still chirping! Driving me nuts can not pinpoint the...
My little jazzy. Only reason I got this Cruze was because my Grandma offered to buy me a car, this ended up being the only one in my area with a 6 speed, low miles, and around $7k. At first I wasn't too impressed, it was slow but my first manual car so still fun. After I found the community...
Cold air intake, full LED, dyno tuned, and brand new turbo.
I have 35% in the front and 5% in the back. they are carbon type and work great with keeping heat and sunlight out.
Complete new paint job and body work!
2017 Premier Hatch
My 2015 Cruze who is a bit of a trouble maker...
Thought it would be nice to get in the holiday spirit by putting a bow on my stock 2017 Cruze LT
Mods: boost gauge, flow master super 10. Plan to do way more.
I love my Cruze. When i drive past dudes working on their car. Their heads always pop up
tint 5% windshield strip, 15% front, 5% back wheels Konig controls in stock 17s
Got her polished up and ready for the weekend. Although a little pricey; I love the way the Hydrosilex products work, and they are super easy to apply.
Got it brand new Feb '16, just hit 56,000 miles. As base as the base model gets, but she's got a personality to her and I hope to keep her around for a good while. We've crossed multiple statelines so far, and she's the best copilot I could hope for. Wanting to get under the hood and upgrade...
I bought mine and loved it. Well I couldn't get my wife out of my car, she wanted to drive it all the time. I said hay I bought the car for me to drive.... If you like it that much get yourself one! Well she said Ok. Within a few days she became the proud owner of her 2017 Silver RS Premier with...