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General Information

Cruze LTZ RS
Black Granite Metallic
Purchased off the original owner last month.
I was actually looking for a SN95 Mustang GT for a project kinda car. After finding nothing but overpriced cars ran in ground I started looking for something newer that I would not have to throw a ton of money and work into. In complete honesty, a Cruze wasn't even on my list. My dad found the Cruze on Facebook and after he read me description and sent me a link I got interested. Low mileage, garage kept and no winters and a great price. Almost too good to be true.

The owner messaged me and said he was trading it for a truck. Well, later that evening he messaged me and said car was available as truck was nothing like pics. Not many are. Anyways, scheduled to meet with him the next morning. To make long story short, it was much nicer than I thought. I also figured for what I paid for it, if I didn't like it, I could flip it and double my money.

I was actually quite surprised how peppy it was. As car is black I did have to do a good buff job with polish, followed by a ceramic coating. The paint is amazing as well as interior. On exterior I had to do away with as much of the chrome as possible; I bought a set of new, black belt moldings, painted quarter inserts flat black as well as new Redline decklid Cruze, LTZ emblems. I also replaced the awful Gold Bowtie"s with new carbon fiber emblems, changed the chrome RS emblems with red and black on doors. I replaced headlights and foglights, added LED bulbs for headlights. It looks great. The interior was spotless, after a quick interior detail I ordered the Tesla Style radio and upgraded all speakers.

Mechanically, I did alot of research and replaced valve cover, purge valve and did the Cruze Kit V3. I'm very, very impressed by the ingenuity that went into the kits. I did smell coolant but the original owner just paid a local GM dealership recently replaced thermostat housing but this car is exactly why I will never let anyone work on my cars but myself. I just hope my new Forester Sport never needs anything. So, I bought the housing, new water pump and thermostat. I figured better do it all. Anyways, got to last bolt on housing and thought I was missing the head. I knew things were going to smooth. The dealership broke the head off bolt. Instead of correctly repairing the mistake, they used what looked to be a full tube of RTV on housing in that spot. I pounded an old 6 point, 6mm socket on stud and carefully threaded stud out. Finally, I installed a Spectre Cold Air Intake. I'm thinking about a set of black Redline rims but with the few chrome parts on car it balances out. Turns out I really, really like this little car and enjoy the online community.




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