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General Information

LS, Manual Transmission
Purchased in May 2017. Clean Car Fax, One Owner.
2012 Chevrolet Cruze (Blue)


1.8 Liter Engine, I have cleaned the engine and all the surroundings (except for electrical) 3 times now. It looks pretty good now! I had a new lower crankshaft gear replaced, harmonic balancer and bolt / washer, new timing belt, new serpentine belt. The car fax showed a radiator flush and it looks like it has a new water pump or at least a thermostat. It runs at 218 degrees in the summer with the A/C on.
Original factory stereo system. I like the screens and display. The front speakers have a 6 and 3/4's inch woofer in each door. And it has a 1 inch tweeter in each a pillar. The rear speakers have a 6 and 3/4's full range speaker in each door. I don't like the sound from the drivers seat. I would have to turn the fader to -13 to hear the rear speakers (which I don't) to hear them. If you do fade the system to hear the rears blend with the fronts then it takes away all the power and sound quality. Bad design.
Wheel and Tire
It has black metal wheels with hudcaps. The bolts where grayed out from the sun and the hudcaps where curb rubbed with some other scratches. The wheels had light rust where the hudcaps didn't cover them. I took off each wheel and deep cleaned, wet sanded with 1000 grit, repainted with 3 coats of gloss black. bought and installed all 4 new OEM original hudcaps. I had Bridgestone Ecopia 422 plus tires installed, regular black valve stems with blue aluminum valve stem covers.


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