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I have had my Chevy Cruze for just under one year now and I have to say that I am not impressed with general Motors.The first week I had the car the dash board started coming apart to the right of the ignition.Brought it to the dealership And it was fixed in 5 minutes.The second week I was turning a corner and then noticed my signal was not disengaging after the turn was complete.Took it back to the dealer and the problem was fixed after a two week wait for the parts.After two months of ownership I noticed my steering wheel colum was coming apart and the cheap plastic cover was coming apart.Took it back to the dealer and parts took a week and the repair took a day.In that same month with a cold Canadian winter I remote started the car from my room saw the parking lights flash through my window over looking the car went down stairs to wipe the snow off and noticed the car wasn't running.i then tried to start it from the remote again the lights would flash the fuel pump would prime but no ignition.Took it to the dealer and they sprayed grease in the ignition problem hasent returned since.Slightly after the winter we had a warm spring and I noticed my car at fireup In The morning would begin to shake as if it were going to stall and the RPM gauge would bounce around as low as 500.Took the car to the dealer and the. Can not duplicate the issue when they have it because it only does it when it feels like doing it I guess and no warning lights appear so there is no code.I personally think it is the AC compressor .And I suppose I should mention while I'm ranting on about the alignment issue I have had with this car since day one as well I mentioned it to the dealer on the second visit I had with all the problems I have had when I got the car back it did drive more straight but I noticed the air pressure was dropped down on the right side and was jacked up on the left side.I know this because I have the TPS sensor option on the car so I mentioned that was just going to wear my tires down uneven so they did an alignment after 6000 km which was a waste of time because my steering wheel is now tilted ever so slightly to the right which is also the direction the car wants to veer to go figure huh. My Cruze now has 26 000 km on it and I wish I didn't listen to the critics that this is the car of the year because unless General Motors is going to rectify my problems I Will Not Buy another GM product for as long as I live
2012 Chevrolet Cruze LT RS (Black)


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