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Camaro RS
This car belonged to my mom it was stolen and they blew the motor and left it for dead on the side of the road where people begin to pick at its carcass my mom and step dad got it back and put a used motor in it but the car was never right it had several problems they then gave it to me where it set for the last 5 years
1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS (Red)


here is where project 1FASTRS starts it currently has a 305 aluminum intake and holly with headers and a aftermarket hei distributor
on Thursday 8/21/14 i started assembling the new motor its is a 350 4 bolt main .060 over with eagle crankshaft and rods and a set of spped pro 4.060 pistons with a .200 dome (11:1).A howards retro roller cam with .510 int and .530 exh lift a set of dart sportsman iron eagle heads with 200cc intake and 75cc exhaust runners out of the box i sent them over to flow works in indiana and had a stage 3 port and polish job done on them which opened the intake runners to 214cc and the exhaust to 90cc i also had the dart intake ported and bench flowed to match the heads it should breath really good.every single part on this motor is new right down to all the arp fasteners with the exception of the factory block which has been totally remachined.i still need to choose a fuel delivery system im leaning towards a Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT Plus EFI Induction Kit but im open to suggestions on what someone might think will work better as my build progress's i will post more pictures im hoping all this will make for 1FASTRS
the car has became storage for all the parts i have gathered up so i will post pictures of the inside once i get it cleaned it besides the dash pad being cracked its pretty clean and in good shape
the car is straight and rust free although it needs a new front fascia my mom had a bra on it and i thought it looked horrible but once i took it of i realized why she had it on there the urethane was old saggy and cracked.the purple hood is on there because i didn't have the hood latched properly and it blew open and twisted the hood
it has a old kenwood cd player i know it works but will be updated later on
Wheel and Tire
it has factory iroc style rims on it im going to go with c6 corvtte rims probably the 18x9.5 with a 285/35/18 tire all the way around it will look something like these rims



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