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    Bought this cause it was the one with one with Chrome. Swapped out my silver bezel with this and now I don't need it. 100% functional. Just seeing if anyone needs it or wants the rings for painting or maybe you can use it for experimenting with other mods. Id take like $10 and you pay shipping...
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    Read more about How To Buy a Brand New Car For Under $10,000 at
  3. General Discussion
    Thought I'd share... :) Save $10 on orders over $50 good through 11/20/13 Discount codee: G1311Z Lots of cool stuff... Cruze Gear-Chevy Mall
  4. General Discussion Depending on what your Autozone prices the jugs as, this could be an even BETTER deal than Wal-Mart. If you've got an oil change coming up soon like I do, it could save you a couple bucks. :)
  5. General Discussion
    Hey just wanted to spread the word that Autozone has pretty good deal for 5 qt of Mobil 1 oil
  6. General Discussion
    Almost everyone knows about the Ellen DeGeneres show, or heard about Ellen. I don't watch her show but I found out she gave away a Chevy Cruze & $10 000 cash! To a army wife that claims she has a hard time getting by with their Jeep that wont work properly at times. I'm happy for them, it should...
1-6 of 9 Results