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  1. Cruze Vehicle Sales
    nice car just want a new one. i have a lot of money in the car. it comes with the rims and stock rims also. car never seen winter and always has synthetic oil changed every 4k miles. runs great and looks great message me on here for contact info asking $14000 and i am in mansfield ohio
  2. Cruze Vehicle Sales
    I just filled the tank and changed the oil. it has tinted windows, Bluetooth, warranty. if your interested call or text a 4 zero 2-507-8509 I also have a set of snows with 2000 miles on them for $300.
  3. General Discussion
    13,500 miles on the odometer, would have to say it is in excellent condition. Sticker price before taxes was $21,355.00 showing $6,500 depreciation over one year of usage. Or 48 cents per mile. And that is if my dealer even offers published trade-in value for the car, usually a small fraction...
  4. General Discussion
    I'm looking at buying a Cruze Eco MT with rear park assist. The dealership I am talking with is offering me $14,500 (before tax/title) this includes trading in a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero V6 Coupe with 89,000 miles. Is this a good deal? Should I take it?
  5. General Discussion
    I read the car ads every Saturday and today's Little Rock paper has an ad for new 2012 Cruze LS models for $14,995. It even includes low interest financing. I'm not affiliated with the dealership - I'm just posting to give folks an idea of pricing so they know how hard to bargain when they go...
  6. General Discussion
    I bought my 2011 about a month ago and thought I got a good deal at the time. Today's Little Rock paper has an ad for a new 2012 Cruze base model at $14,997. That's the best price I've ever seen for a new Cruze. I had a time deadline when I bought mine. In Arkansas you can offset the sales...
1-6 of 7 Results