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  1. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    First picture looks grey but its the light in the garage. Im happy with the way they came out. Now it just needs the carbon fiber 3m on the rest of the chrome. And possibly a 1.5 to 2 inch drop.
  2. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Spoke to Vince earlier and odiously there isant much he can do about the no cruse control thing but he did say he would send both tunes for Eco and sport mode and that he could include no lift **** in both..anyone have the no lift shift feature and how is it.. Have been waiting for a a cash job...
  3. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I don't have an automatic or cruse controle so it I were to buy the tune I would be paying for features that don't benofit me at all wondering if there could be a possible lower rate I have wanted it for a wile just don't see paying for things I don't get
  4. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Just installed not totally happy with the front not being totally stuck flush but it is what it is
  5. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Has ZZP performance made no progress on that kit dyno wise haven't heard anything starting to wonder if they had nothing but problems
  6. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Scraped the s*** out of my bumper today not sure what it will cost to fix it so I'm thinking about the lip from Duraflex/ carbon creations to cover it up.. Anyone use there products/ know it it's a b**** to fit and install
21-26 of 26 Results