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  1. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Before: After: Backspacing is perfect, 5x115 bolt pattern, and the hub is the perfect size. It is a 20x8" wheel with -20 offset. Wrapped in a 245/35R20 tire. Quick 10 minute ride says its firmer ride but turn in is vastly improved with much reduced understeer. Thinking of lowering...
  2. Gen I
    I am selling my header and downpipe for the 1.8l cruze. I'm saving money to get a cobalt ss and putting the exhaust back to stock. I'm selling it for 300 shipped OBO. It will only fit the 1.8 cruze. The downpipe needs to be modified or make a midpipe to connect the exhaust to it. This is one of...
  3. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I have a 2011 ECO Cruze with the MT6. I installed the Trifecta tune about 1 month ago. I ran thru my first tank of 93 octane in the economy mode about 98% of the time. I filled up for the 2nd time (93 Octane) and decided to run in the "Sport" mode for the entire tank. Very rarely ever getting...
  4. General Discussion
    I took a trip in my Cruze this past weekend - to a wedding in South Dakota. Total miles was about 2,300. Some comments on the car... The mileage was OK but not fabulous. I did get 2 tank fulls above 36 going north with a tailwind (hand calculated). The same situation coming south into a...
  5. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Chevrolet Cruze Special Edition: 300 units, from RM97,888
1-5 of 12 Results