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  1. General Discussion
    Tonight I got to my destination and put the car in park and the chime and low brake fluid warning went off. Lasted for less than 30 seconds. Did it again when I put it in park and again when I got home and backed into the garage. I feel no differnce is brake actions and the fluid resivoire...
  2. Titan Synthetics
    AMSOIL Series 500 & Series 600 Brake Fluid Overview AMSOIL offers two brake fluids, both of which are compatible with the Cruze. These are the Series 500 and Series 600. The Series 500 is labeled as a DOT3 fluid, while the Series 600 is a DOT4 fluid. Ordering You can order AMSOIL brake fluid...
  3. Cruze Vehicle Sales
    I just filled the tank and changed the oil. it has tinted windows, Bluetooth, warranty. if your interested call or text a 4 zero 2-507-8509 I also have a set of snows with 2000 miles on them for $300.
  4. Fuel Economy
    In light of ErikBEggs thread, I'll post up the next milestone. Today in mixed driving, 610.6 miles for an overall 40.8 mpg. 2012 1LT Auto. I can do better.
  5. Fuel Economy
    So as the title says, after looking at miles traveled plus miles left in the tank, i had over 600 miles on that tank getting about 43mpg. I just graduated college and had clothing, and some boxes in the car, i drove 85% highway( up and down mountains on route 17 ) and 15% was between back...
  6. Other
    garage kept 1100 miles, looks new.... extras. $7500. Thanks upstate NY.
  7. Fuel Economy
    2012 Cruze Eco 6 MT Messed around and scored 600 miles averaging 58 mpg I will do better next week. My low fuel light came on at 598 miles and 10.3 gallons used. How many gallons are left in the tank when the low fuel light comes on ?? Im thinkin 2 7/3 & 7/5 Uploaded with
  8. Fuel Economy
    Finally got my first 600 mile tank in my ECO AT. Did 607.1 filled 14.18 gallons so 42.8. I think I could've gone another 30-40 miles before being out of gas. Interesting thing is this is after my first oil change and mpg appears better. I changed my info to show 500 miles vs 50...
1-8 of 10 Results