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  1. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I'm about 5000 miles from rolling over 100k and I keep hearing that I'll get a 'change timing belt' alarm when I do. But I'm just wondering if anyone has gone longer and not experienced any problems? or has had a failure because they went longer? I have only experienced one timing belt failure...
  2. Gen2 Diesel General Discussion
    Hello, Got a tungsten metallic about a month ago. So far I have two full fill-ups, and am happy with the economy even with varying the RPM etc during the first few thousand miles. I am turning in a 2010 Jetta sedan TDI, so that is my basis for comparison. The steering and handling of the Cruze...
  3. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Hopefully im not posting in the wrong place... I added a calculated PID to EFILive that I found useful, It takes the "Desired boost pressure" PID and subtracts the Barometric PID from the desired Value. Copy and paste this into EFILive: -- USER.ACTCOMBOOST return...
  4. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    Anyone know the true RMS output of the stock Pioneer System (2014)? Thanks
  5. Fuel Economy
    Not the smartest but can't get a logical explanation..... I fill the tank to the same level; 1st click then round off to the next nickel. I use the same station, park at the same bay in the same direction I note the average DIC mpg figure and the accrued milage from the #1 trip screen. I reset...
  6. General Discussion
    Like the title says how much drop did people get with springs. I have been looking and have found h&r says it drops less than an inch. Eibach pros 1.2" front and back. And b&g which says 1.7". Is there more ? I just wish they made the sport line eibach for our cars. What do you have and whats...
  7. General Discussion
    The difference between the DIC reading and actual can be 2-3 mpg. My driving is mixed, mostly highway. Averaging 30 - 31 actual mpg. The DIC is always more by 2+ mpg. Does anyone have this annoyance? 2012 Cruze LT bought used (1500 mi ) and otherwise very satisfied.
  8. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Last week I decided to buy a new set of AC Delco plugs for my Eco at the dealer. 10.50 ea. special order. I looked on RockAuto and they have the same plug AC Delco 41-121 for 5.69ea. I was sure like the last set I bought they would be NGKs coming out of the box. They arrived today and to my...
  9. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    I've been waiting to see if anyone releases springs with bigger drop but I'm tired of waiting. I know from experience advertised drop and actual drop can be different. For some reason when I try and view pics on here its it and miss if the window that pops up stays up long enough for me to...
  10. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Hello all, does the re-learn procedure recalibrate the sensors, or just the registration of the senors to the proper corner? The display reads 28 to 32 psi, but all the tires are aired up to 35 or 36 pounds. Car has 84 miles on it. Just wondering if there is a way to fine tune the system. Thanks.
  11. Fuel Economy
    I thought the 28.5 city our car was reporting seemed a bit high so over the last several fill-ups I figured gallons into miles manually and it was actually 2 mpg less. Not scientific of course but nonetheless it's still .5 over the advertized mileage. Were happy!
  12. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Does anyone have any actual number on the gain from a Borla cat back, ZZP mid, Trifecta Tune, and K&N Intake? Thanks
  13. General Discussion
    This is a photo of "The Wolf Wagon", the party bus I drive on weekends! Wanted all to know where the "name" in my signature comes from.
  14. Fuel Economy
    I was not sure how to title this thread, but here goes. I wonder why GM uses average MPG calculated at some average speed. This is what is shown on both the trip odometer and on the instantaneous MPG portions of the cluster. I am finding that these tend to be 2-4 MPG above what I have always...
  15. Fuel Economy
    I now have 11,700 miles on the car and it has surpassed my expectations for MPG. I tried all the "hypermiling" tricks on the first 3 tanks and by staying under 70 MPH averaged just over 55 MPG. I am the only passenger in the car, and I weigh approx 210#. Most trips are less than 5 miles with...
  16. Fuel Economy
    My 1LT Cruze 1.4L has 1,185 miles on it now, and here is what I am looking at for the first three tanks of gas. 2/18/12 - 412 miles - 11.724 Actual Gallons - 12.5 Calc.Used Gallons - 35.14 MPG Act. - 35.30 MPG Calc. -.78 Gal / -.16 mpg 2/28/12 - 815 miles - 12.400 Actual Gallons - 11.5...
  17. Fuel Economy
    Has anyone noticed that there seems to be a 5-8 mile difference between what the dashboard tells me for average MPG and what my actual is (using gallons, miles, etc.)? On my last fill up, the dash was saying 35.7 where as I only got 30.3.
  18. Fuel Economy
    I only have 2 fillups on my eco, but there is a large difference between my actual mileage (36) and what the DIC says (41). Anybody else seeing a similar discrepancy?
1-18 of 18 Results