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  1. General Discussion
    Does anyone know what the average age is of a typical GM driver? It seems that whenever I pull up to another GM car, it appears that the driver is older with gray hair. If you compare that to a honda or hyundai, the drivers appear to be much younger. Is this a good thing or bad thing for GM?
  2. General Discussion
    I know this isn't an accurate way to get a good idea of the average owner but it could show who's buying cruzes and are on this forum too. I saw on FB my salesman seems to be mostly selling cruzes to young folks, singles and couple's here in ne ok. I'll start... I'm a 62 female with a 2017 LT...
  3. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    my cruze is 13 mths old an trans shifts. smooth now an no more notchy steering. no issues at all but wish GM would do something too get rid of some of the turbo lag. other than that still very happy with it. :smile:
  4. General Discussion
    Wisconsin state law, 4 years old and over 41 pounds. Goodbye to her baby seat hello to a booster seat. Don't get it, about five inches tall, no back, and uses the conventional shoulder/lap belt. Guess I never noticed how deep those pockets are in the rear seat with leather where the buckles...
  5. General Discussion
    Hey guys, going off of the recent age appropriate thread I thought it would be interesting to get a spread of the ages of cruze owners. Just click your age group on the poll and lets see who is driving them. I myself am a recent college grad aged 22 who purchased a cruze eco as my first car.
  6. General Discussion
    Today I was showing some pictures of my new Cruze to a friend at work, and he said it that the Cruze was more appropriate for a guy my age than the last car I had. (Pontiac Sunfire). He said it was nice that I "grew up". I did find the remark a little offensive. What age would you think...
1-6 of 10 Results