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  1. Cruze Owner Projects
    Hey everyone I wanted to share a build project I am starting and get some feedback and input from you all. Over two years ago I bought these: ANZO USA | CHEVY CRUZE 11-15 PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS BLACK w/ HALO (LED LOW-BROW DESIGN) and now they need some serious updating/upgrading. The LED strip...
  2. Lighting
    I have searched all over for aftermarket projector headlights (non-retro) and like everything I do, I want to research it and be 100% certain that this is what I want. Can ONLY people who have/had them give us there opinion? Give me your Likes, Dislikes, Fitment Issues, Installation Issues...
    Do you want to set your Chevy Cruze apart from the rest and complement its appearance? Take a look at Anzo LED Tail Lights we've selected for your Chevy Cruze 2011-2015. You not only get a stylish add-on for your ride, but also a highly efficient set of tail lights, that will ensure your...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey guys I just purchased an HID kit for my Anzo headlights the low beam bulb size says h7 so I bought an h7 bulb size HID kit. The dealer mechanic went to install the bulbs and said they don't fit... Here is the link to the headlights, I don't think they would be h13 stock would they? ANZO USA...
1-4 of 4 Results