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  1. General Discussion
    Bnr tuned stock Chevy 1.4lt engine 3 cylinders are 0 compression this is now the second time in less than a year a motor has blown luckily it's warenteed but idk if bnr is as trustworthy as they say but looks like this is the end of me and the Cruze looking at new vehicles asap
  2. General Discussion
    I bought the zzp high voltage coil pack and even told my tuner to tune for it but after I out it in it had 2 misfiring cylinders so I just put the original back in is that bad like would bnr have tuned for high coil it doesn't sound like it runs bad at all? Dumb question
  3. Gen 2 Tuning/Engine Modifications
    Just got the BNR crackle tune and I have to say I am absolutely in love with the power and throttle response difference. It is like night and day. Only problem for me is that I am really not getting any crackles or pops. I have a muffler delete currently, but I still have my cat and resonator...
  4. Gen II
    Hey everyone, I've been looking for a BNR catless downpipe for a while. I had the opportunity to get one a year or two ago when they were still on the site, but couldn't at the time because I was broke as hell. Anyone by chance have one for sale for the 2nd gen? They seem to be pretty rare and I...
  5. For Sale BNR Autocal

    Gen II
    I recently had to buy a new car and I won’t be able to use this anymore. I’m asking $200 OBO!
    $200 USD
  6. Gen 2 Tuning/Engine Modifications
    Asking $200 OBO
  7. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I’m going to sound impatient but it’s honestly just curiousness, I’m new to tuning, I was just curious on the ACTUAL wait time for BNR tunes. I sent my data for my base tune 7 days ago with nothing back after an email told me around 48 hours, I’m just wondering if this is normal 😆...
  8. General Discussion
    I have zzp catless downpipe and zzp highflow cat before 2nd o2 sensor and still get a cel light can I legit just keep adding extensions until it doesn't throw a code. Zzp sells 90 degree angled and straight extensions I think one of each would do the trick but have no idea if that's the way...
  9. Gen 2 Tuning/Engine Modifications
    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to this forum and have finally called for help after months of tinkering with my car by myself. I've got a new problem, after all of what I have done to my car it's starting to get mad at me 😄 I'm rocking a full bolt on BNR setup with a K&N air intake, BNR wastegate...
  10. General Discussion
    Sup y'all my 2016 limited Cruze with tune intake downpipe coil pack stock turbo and bypass but the normal pshhhhhh sound is a stutututut and I don't know why legit had the whole turbo replaced because of it(under warranty) and it still does it I mean it sounds cool and all but I don't think it's...
  11. Gen 2 Tuning/Engine Modifications
    So I have a 2017 sedan. I got the BNR tune, and intake and a exhaust from GM. Recently I added the BNR upgraded recirculating valve and throttle body spacer and got it returned. tune data came back with no issues with new tune. Now I’ve had random issues where that black charge tube just pops...
  12. General Discussion
    Has anyone had the problem of a total engine failure due to bnr power tune. Intake manifold blew forcing oil into cylinders thus causing the rings to blow out calling for a brand new crate motor from GM i replaced the motor and put a dorman intake manifold since OEM ones are prone to their...
  13. Gen I
    I got interested in modifying my Cruze late last year during my junior year and now that I got the money EVERY PLACE doesn’t have them since the EPA is forcing them to find a different way to make them or whatever but I was wondering if anyone had one for sale willing to sell to me. Shoot me...
  14. General Discussion
    So I ordered my bnr autocal received it about two weeks this day sent my base engine and tranny tune and still have not received anything from them is this common from them or do I need to email bnr about it
  15. Cruze Owner Projects
    Good morning y'all just received my bnr tuner which means things are gonna be rolling along very shortly. Figured I'd give a run down of performance mods I've done so far Zzp catless downpipe Rear muffler delete Zzp intercooler Zzp cold air intake Msd coil pack and new plugs Oil catch can...
  16. Gen II
    I have a bnr tuner and catless down pipe for sale. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
  17. Gen2 Powertrain
    So I recently received my 87 tune from BNR for winter only and premium tune for summer but Ive been using E15 for a month at $1.75/gallon vs $1.82 for regular and $2.65 for premium. I average 34mpg on E15 and 38 on premium. My question is this, could I possibly rum E15 while using the premium...
  18. Cruze Parts
    I recently traded in my 2016 Cruze for a 2018 Camaro. Im selling my BNR Catless downpipe if anyone is interested. I used it for 2 months.
  19. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Has anyone else added a boost gauge specifically tapping into a BNR throttle body spacer? Most of what I have read has the boost gauge tapped into a line just behind and underneath the intake manifold. I have added a new electric AEM boost gauge today and tapped into my BNR spacer. The most...
  20. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    2014 Chevrolet Cruze 1.4L AUTO - 102k Kms when bought, 148K on it now. Anyone ever had this or know what the problem could be? My waste gate actuator duty cycle is sitting on 4.7% and won't move. I have a huge loss of power. I have to get up to 4000-5000 rpms in...
1-20 of 178 Results