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  1. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Sometimes when I'm driving my 2011 cruze I smell some nasty burning smell, like a dirty old truck. At first I brushed it off as such, as it was only temporarily there, but now it's happened a few more times. Been like 2 or 3 weeks since it started. I just had an oil change done at Jiffy Lube...
  2. General Discussion
    I got a 2011 cruze eco 1.4t, and did about 8-9k on my oil. The indicator said I still had 22% of oil left to go, but it was well beyond the 6-7k I usually change the (Semi-synthetic, non-dexos) oil. I usually change it when the engine starts vibrating on idle with the AC on. But as you may know...
  3. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Have a 2014 Cruze 1LT, stick shift with 54,000 miles. I'm curious what others 2014 Cruze's (roughly what mileage?) the clutch burned out. Quick backstory - I bought my car 100% brand new. The clutch burned out right after driving 2 blocks. The dealership replaced it (no cost because I hadn't...
  4. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    This weekend I took my 2014 1LT for the first long drive since I bought it. Went about 477 miles and got 38.2 MPG. On the way there the DIC said 44.2 MPG, but there was a strong head wind on the way home. I checked the oil when I filled up tonight, and it is in between the bottom hash marks and...
  5. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Got a burn hole in my headliner not big but I c it.. Any remedies? Please!!! Sent from Free App
  6. General Discussion
    I'm a little behind the times with cetain computer features. Can you burn music to a USB Flash Drive similar to the way you burn music to a CD? If you can, you can briefly tell me how to do it from my computer. I have a lot of music files saved on my computer in Windows Media Player. Do you...
1-6 of 9 Results