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  1. New to Cruze talk have a few questions about warranty numbers and claims

    CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    So I have a 2014 Chevy Cruze. First had a cel code p11d7 I beleive about the nox sensor butbthat went away now I have the def quality poor message so I contacted Chevy they say they only have one recall or warranty for the def tank but while I was researching about the Cruze I found a few more...
  2. Dealer Claims Oil Pan Leak on 11LS

    Gen1 Service Issues
    Hey Everyone! I just took my 11 Cruze LS to the dealer to have them do an oil change and inspection. Right when they got my car up on the hoist the technician called me out to show me my oil pan. It was all black and covered in gunk! (Not sure if unusual, because I've never seen the underside...
  3. Claims to be a LTZ Impala...

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    2008 Chevrolet Impala LTZ - $8400 ON KBB!!
  4. Ford Admits its Hybrids Fail to Meet MPG Claims

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    Read the complete story on Ford fuel economy claims at
  5. Popular Mechanics: Mileage Moment of Truth: We Put 40 Mpg Claims to the Test

    Fuel Economy
    Mileage Moment of Truth - We Put 40 Mpg Claims to the Test - Popular Mechanics They tested the '12 Elantra and Focus SFE. I found the above thanks to Did Hyundai pull MPG claims from Super Bowl ad due to watchdog group pressure? [w/video]. Although the above article does give a few details...
  6. Example of small claims court for those that are interested, in today's news.

    General Discussion
    Woman wins small-claims suit over Honda hybrid mpg "LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Southern California owner of a Honda hybrid car won her unusual small-claims court lawsuit against the automaker over the vehicle's failure to deliver its stated fuel economy. Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner...
  7. DetNews: 40 mpg claims grab headlines, miss mark

    Fuel Economy
    Columnists | 40 mpg claims grab headlines, miss mark | The Detroit News thanks to Too bad blocks via robots.txt. Detnews articles get aged off... This...
  8. GM claims - 1-800 number!

    Gen1 Service Issues
    1-800-222-1020 Officially, their purpose is to assist existing customers with warranty claim issues or general questions. I have used this number when the dealer wasn’t able to fix my airbag system issue for my Aveo. GM contacted the dealer and then I got a rental instead going daily to the...