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  1. General Discussion
    Afternoon folks (in Aussieland anyway), Few things would make me happier than seeing the 2.0 TD engine in my 2013 Cruze Wagon last forever and ever. For this reason, I have been considering anything that can be done to prolong it's life for as long as possible. I already change the oil every...
  2. General Discussion
    So aside from having a bunch of different names,, this thing is such a bitch to clean that I'm considering buying a third one!! A third one, you may wonder?? Yes.. I recently changed the seals on my engine oil cooler assembly because it was leaking engine oil and letting engine oil into my...
  3. ⛽ Fuel Economy
    GM dealers here in NB Canada are recommending bringing my Cruze 1.4l in for a fuel system flush/cleaning not a super cheap process. As I have been complaining about my fuel mileage drop in significantly with 87octane fuel. So much so I stoped buying it and only using 91. I can get 7.4l/100 with...
  4. General Discussion
    How do you clean the engine and areas under the hood without messing anything up? When I was replacing a hose the other day some coolant spilled and just noticed a lot of dust and dirt after almost 60,000 miles. Would like to make it look nice and clean..
  5. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I searched the forum and couldn`t find anything so I`m thinking this really IS impossible. But has anyone found a way to clean the trunk liner in our cars? I have a 2014 2LT, but I think they all use the same material. Kinda like the fuzzy part of Velcro that has the same effect on dirt/debris...
  6. Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Hey guys, Does anyone knows how to properly clean the chrome moldings on each side that are around the windows? I went to the beach and now that I'm back I just noticed that there is like some white thing around it, already washed the car but didn't came out I think it is some kind of...
  7. 👋 CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    I have some spots on the silver plastic (?) section beneath my radio and along the gear shift. Anyone know what these are and how to get them out?
  8. 📰 Chevrolet Cruze News and Reviews
    Read more about the Spring Cleaning Essentials for Your Car
  9. Gen1 Powertrain
    Hi everybody ... My car is a Daewoo Lacetti Premier 2009 (the one which looks like the Chevy Cruz), and I've been having automatic transmission gear shifting issues for a long time. I'm planning to clean the valve body my self. So, any advice? I'm only planning to clean it not replace any...
  10. Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    So what are people using to clean and wax their Cruze? I asked a service person at my Chevy dealer and he recommended a car wax with carnuba in it. But what does one do to clean the outside of the car? Anyone have any recommendations for specific products and / or techniques? Thanks!
  11. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Considering taking my DPF into a truck shop to have the DPF cleaned on a FSX DPF cleaning machine. Problem is they need to know what the vacuum and other pressures are so that they can insure it meets specs after being cleaned. Anyone know how to find that information?
  12. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    finally the weather has been dry and started to warm up and was able to do the yearly clay bar, sealant, and wax. The Gold Mist Metallic has grown on me with the black. Wasn't a fan at first but now I am glad I bought the color. It cleans up really nice.
  13. ⛽ Fuel Economy
    Hey guys, need some help! where can I find my fuel filter? And I want to clean my fuel system, anyone have a write up on that or a video? I have a 14 RS 2lt
  14. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I had a bit of an incident a while back with my Cruze. Some stuff got on the dash and in behind the buttons on the radio. It was all cleaned up fairly well except for what crept in behind the buttons and a bit into the front air vents. I found another thread about removing the dash plastic...
  15. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I searched for emission cleaning but not any usable help. Hope you guys can help. I took my 2012 Chevy Cruze with 79,000 miles in to dealership. It sputters at start up and gives check engine light giving code. Same codes that previously had to replace the cam cover. They already replaced in...
  16. Gen1 Interior Tutorials
    Hi Guys. I want to share my Instrument Panel Cleaning process with you to show how easy and how helpful for who is disappointed about dust and dirt problem under glass inside of panel. Just follow the pictures. Good Luck everyone! :th_coolio: .::pictures::.
  17. General Discussion
    Hi. I don't know where to post this... But i want to know what you guys do to clean this parts on the upper glovebox and door insert ??? Dust stay in there and i have a little spot in the passenger door... Don't know if i can use a terry cloth or microfiber to remove it or it will leave...
  18. General Discussion
    Originally Posted by jblackburn They have a foaming spray I spray up the evaporator drain tube from underneath the car that will kill it and other junk growing on the evaporator core that can rot it out over the years . The tricky part is finding the drain tube. I went to dealer and...
  19. General Discussion
    Throttle bodies get dirty and have to be cleaned obviously from time to time. As always, looking at the butterfly plate is never enough, the front is always clean looking. The horror show is on the back. My previous vehicle, GMC Envoy, was prone to getting a bouncing idle speed and eventually...
1-19 of 55 Results