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    Check out our new TV Commercial - the Vehicles and Parts Diversity Tour, featuring some of our customer car/truck collector series magnets throughout the years. Visit for ”all the parts you're looking for, delivered to your front door!"
  2. General Discussion
    I guess I'm old fashioned, but this seems to embrace what's popular instead of moral in today's culture.
  3. RockAuto
    The Garage Band makes it to the big stage in our newly released TV commercial! We do less expensive, animated ads to help keep auto parts prices reliably low for customers. Watch RockAuto's new commercial now!
  4. RockAuto has a new, freshly released TV commercial! We do less expensive, animated ads to help keep auto parts prices reliably low for customers. This TV commercial is still a simple cartoon, but it has a new musical style that we hope conveys our message in an enjoyable way...
  5. General Discussion
    I just wanted to start a thread about commercials. I see a lot of commercials that I really like from time to time, whether they be TV or internet based and just wanted a place where we all could share the ones that get our attention (for both good and bad reasons). I personally like funny...
  6. General Discussion
    During the Oscars last night I saw a new Cruze commercial with kids making a movie that included not one, but two Cruze model cars as well as one full size Cruze. It appeared to be a east Asian model from the fog lamps.
  7. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    It's about time. Cheers
  8. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    has anyone seen the Cruze TD commercial? Chevrolet really needs to up its game in the category. Currently i think the Germans are winning the TDI commercials!! We all need to contact GM and voice our opinion on how AWESOME this car is. GM cant seel any cars if people dont know they are out...
  9. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    What do you think? Sounds a little "Defensive" but still pretty good, IMO. I think they should have added a "low greenhouse gas" statement.
  10. General Discussion
    I was watching NHL live waiting for the Penguins/Islanders game to start, and this came on: Prestone Commercial - YouTube Ohhh the irony... It hurts.
  11. General Discussion
    At the end of the video this ECO has an RS rear bumper? It actually looks nice! Find New Roads: Cruze Eco Wind Tunnel | Chevy Cruze | Chevrolet - YouTube
  12. General Discussion
    please delete. Please delete this put post in wrong spot! sorry
  13. General Discussion
    I saw a Cruze commercial today for the Eco. This guy is in his car with his girlfriend racing to the top of a parking garage. They get to the top of the garage and he hops out and strikes a pose like he is displaying something. In the background is a plane pulling banner that says something...
  14. General Discussion
    Chevy must be a sponsor in the playoffs. I just saw another Cruze commerical. Posting now in case none have. Just remember I think this only works if you have ONSTAR enabled. Enjoy! :)
  15. General Discussion
    Don't know if anyone has posted this yet but it gave me a good laugh. I saw it tonight while watching the Celtics, and Heat game. YouTube - chevrolet's Channel
  16. General Discussion
    Chevy Cruze Facebook notification Commercial parody "The Lost Superbowl Commercial" this is a parody of the Chevy Cruze Facebook notification commercial that shows how you can get instant facebook updates in your Cruze when your on the go.....well a youtube user, uploaded their own version of...
  17. General Discussion
    If i didn't know about transformers this commercial would make me wonder what is going on in the world..... Chevrolet must have some crazy guys working the animation part of the video to make it seem this real. Lesson learned from this video.... do not mess with bumblebee!
  18. General Discussion
    this video made me "LOL" don't let this happen to you!
  19. General Discussion
    i like how chevy is being different with their commercials the cruze is defiantly the way to go.
  20. General Discussion
    found this really good commercial from chevy promoting the "greeness" of the cruze and volt and also using their new slogan "chevy runs deep"